• Low Cost Promotional Items for 39 Cents or Less

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    In 2004, a study was completed that included a poll of business travelers at Dallas-Forth Worth Airport. The results revealed that 71% of these businessmen and women had received a promotional product in the past twelve months. Of that group, 33.7% had that promotional item physically on their person at the time the poll was completed, and 76.1% were able to remember the promoter's name! A full 52% percent of that group conducted business with said advertiser after they received the promotional item, and 52.1% said that their impression of the promoting company was made more favorable after receiving the promotional item. There is no doubt that promotional items generate positive feelings among recipients, and the opportunity for businesses to generate substantial revenue with minimal investment is real.

    All businesses need to promote. Even those with immediately recognizable brands had to originally hit the pavement and promote their products, services, and innovations through a variety of marketing tactics. One of the most effective ways is to market directly to decision makers and influential leaders of industry via promotional giveaways. It is no accident that celebrity awards shows and celebrations introduce the concept of the "goodie bag."

    Companies from all different walks of life try to seduce those who are seemingly influential in the public eye with a variety of products. These trendsetters are spotted with these promotional items and voila! - A ringing endorsement ensues. But not everyone can assemble a gift bag that contains several hundred dollars worth of product. Rather, it pays to promote with economically priced items, and send your product to those who can benefit from what your company offers.

    For the marketing manager who is looking for maximum market penetration, while keeping the overall budget within reason, items priced at the 39-cent level or below are ideal. These can include quality ballpoint pens, plastic logo bags in a variety of sizes, magnets, letter openers, or drink cups. Imagine the marketing promotion you can build using all "under-39-cent" products. You'll likely put your logo into the hands of decision makers and influential members of your industry - all for less than 39-cents!

    In today's business environment, it is more important than ever to make personal connections. Considering the proliferation of electronic communication styles, the marketer who can put a tangible item into the hands of a customer or prospect will be far ahead of the rest. At National Pen, we have the promotional items you need - at 39-cents or less!