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Custom & Promotional Outerwear

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Yowie® Express Multi-Functional Rally Wear (APL-11748)
250 for $2.21 ea
250 for $552.50
Cotton Bandana (APL-11751)
12 for $2.94 ea
12 for $35.28
Full Color Sport Utility Gloves (TLS-11220)
12 for $9.96 ea
12 for $119.52
Full Color
Egmont Packable Jacket - Women's (APL-11225)
6 for $35.99 ea
6 for $215.94
Reflective Vest (TLS-11142)
50 for $5.57 ea
50 for $278.50
Rain Poncho In Vinyl Case (APL-11226)
100 for $2.25 ea
100 for $225.00
Garner Knit Full Zip Hoody - Men's (APL-11221)
6 for $48.44 ea
6 for $290.64
Fleece Scarf with Pockets (APL-11267)
48 for $5.69 ea
48 for $273.12
Disposable Rain Poncho (APL-11239)
150 for $1.73 ea
150 for $259.50
Spirit Fingerz Gloves (EVT-11603)
12 for $17.23 ea
12 for $206.76
Full Color
Gildan® DryBlend® 9oz, Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt (APL-11117)
36 for $27.46 ea
36 for $988.56
Poncho Ball Keychain (AUT-11144)
100 for $2.03 ea
100 for $203.00
of 3

Customize Outerwear with Your Logo: Promotional Jackets, Ponchos & More

When it comes to promoting a company's brand or services, it is important to choose the right personalized products for the task. Promotional outerwear is a great choice, and with the price of clothing rising frequently, most people are happy to receive a free shirt or hooded sweatshirt.

Crew-neck shirts and hooded sweatshirts are quality clothing items. Because crew-neck shirts and hooded sweatshirts cost more than T-shirts and tank tops, they show recipients that they are important enough to receive a more valuable gift. Promotional outerwear items are useful for trade shows where people browsing the different displays or booths are usually looking for items they can use. In addition to this, they are more likely to remember a company's name or product when they are given an item they can use frequently. Giving a one-time-use item will not ensure a company's name stays in their mind.

Crew-neck shirts and hooded sweatshirts are useful as client or employee gifts. When employees show outstanding performances at work, have a birthday or make various accomplishments, it is good for employers to reward them. Even small rewards such as a free company shirt will boost employee morale and give workers the motivation to continue their quality work. When used as gifts for preferred clients, free promotional outerwear items will show them that they are valued by the company. Because the nature of business involves clients giving companies money, it is nice for clients to see that their loyalty is appreciated.

Customized outerwear is also useful for corporate events, giveaways and promotional events. The items are high-quality and made to last. Prices are low, and the lowest prices per item are enjoyed by ordering larger amounts. These products can be customized to reflect a company logo or several personalized lines of text. Designs and text are printed in full color if desired, and Pens.com offers a wide array of color choices. With a 100 percent quality guarantee on all items, buyers can rest assured that these products will not disappoint.