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Promotional Kitchenware & Kitchen Products

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Magnetic Light Bar (QAH)
50 for $1.86 ea
50 for $2.19 ea
50 for $93.00
50 for $109.50
Assorted Colors
Flex Light with Magnet (FMV)
25 for $2.84 ea
25 for $2.99 ea
25 for $71.00
25 for $74.75
Assorted Colors
'Hold It' Magnetic Clip (FNH)
100 for $0.89 ea
100 for $89.00
Assorted Colors
Wide Rectangle Clip (OFF-11271)
100 for $1.21 ea
100 for $121.00
Round Jar Opener (HME-11117)
300 for $0.74 ea
300 for $222.00
Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler (HME-11296)
225 for $1.47 ea
225 for $330.75
6.5" x 6.5" White 3 Ply Luncheon Napkins (EVT-11427)
100 for $0.58 ea
100 for $58.00
3” Bag Clip (HME-11119)
300 for $0.69 ea
300 for $207.00
Power Clip - Full Color (HME-11272)
250 for $1.19 ea
250 for $297.50
Full Color
Quilted Cotton Canvas Oven Mitt (HME-11147)
50 for $3.09 ea
50 for $154.50
3-Piece Stay Fit Cooler Gift Set (GFT-11179)
25 for $10.79 ea
25 for $269.75
Non-Stick Pizza Cutter (HME-11273)
230 for $1.45 ea
230 for $333.50
of 11

Shop Personalized Kitchenware & Customized Kitchen Products

Equip their break room or kitchen for convenience with these promotional kitchenware items. Regardless of their occupation or industry, most people spend at least a little time in the kitchen on a daily basis. Given that fact, there is simply not a better place to make sure your logo is on prominent display. Promotional candy jars, bag clips and knife sets are able to fit practically anyone's taste. Available at a wide array of price points, these marketing tools can also fit almost any advertising budget.

Customized kitchenware isn't just for supermarkets and restaurants. Imprinted kitchen items are great for promoting fitness centers, community awareness events, gyms and company wellness programs. Combine several of these imprinted kitchenware items to form a trade show bundle that is certain to drive traffic to your booth.

With the high quality of these personalized kitchenware items, you can be assured that your professionalism will be on prominent display. Making a favorable first impression is critical at conferences, trade shows, corporate events, seminars, and annual meetings. In considering the right giveaways for these events, it is important to select an item that your recipient will use again and again.

It is also imperative that you choose a product that will be able to prominently display your logo or contact information. These kitchenware promos easily meet all of these requirements while at the same time allowing you to keep your budget in check. Pass out these fun and functional items at your next show or event. Order extra items to keep nearby to hand out to valued customers. With options that range from affordable bottle openers to sophisticated wine sets, it is easy to find a promotional item that will perfectly suit the image you want to build for your business.