• Promotional Hand Sanitizers

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    The person who invented hand sanitizer probably never imagined that it could be used as a promotional device, but that's the beauty of commerce. Today, promotional hand sanitizers are a perfect way to turn new clients onto your business while keeping them healthy and pleasant-smelling. A little goodwill can go a long way: With your trusty personalized bottles on their desk or in their car, you'll never be far from their minds.

    These bulk hand sanitizers offer tremendous value, so you'll also be doing your part to pad your business's bottom line. Our convenient, fully customized Pacific gel hand sanitizer packets start at less than 30 cents per unit for orders of 5,000 or more. If you're looking for a reusable container that your clients will keep for days on end, opt for a one-ounce antibacterial gel bottle that's small enough to fit in a typical carry-on bag and costs less than $1 on orders of 2,500.

    While the makeup of the potent liquid that powers your company's hand sanitizers can't be customized, you'll have full control over everything else about your order. For a colorful blast of cleanliness, customize your hand sanitizers with a wrap-around logo or stock image that encapsulates your business. To take a more direct approach, print your catchphrase or contact information on the barrel of your bottle or the front of your packet.

    Once you've personalized your hand sanitizers and placed your order, think about how you'll use your new promotional tool. If you regularly visit trade shows or corporate events, stuff a trusty bottle into the gift bags that you give each client or vendor. If you run a storefront, incorporate your personalized hand sanitizers into a customer appreciation day or mass giveaway. With these custom containers bearing your brand, you'll be the talk of the town.