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Promotional Lip Balm & Gloss with Your Logo

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Make your customers’ and employees’ wellbeing your top priority with custom hand sanitizers and more personal care items.
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SPF 30 Lip Balm - Full Color (WHF-11180)
250 for $1.03 ea
250 for $257.50
Lip Moisturizer-All Natural USA Made-Full Color (WHF-11264)
250 for $0.84 ea
250 for $210.00
Full Color
Summer Giveaway Kit (GFT-11180)
100 for $8.17 ea
100 for $817.00
Lip Balm In Color Tube (WHF-11159)
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SPF 30 Sun & Fun Sunstick (WHF-11184)
100 for $2.14 ea
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Travel Comfort Kit (GFT-11175)
100 for $9.02 ea
100 for $902.00
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Lip Gloss Ball (WHF-11167)
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Golf Necessities Kit - Bag (OUT-11340)
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Lip Moisturizer Slider Tin (WHF-11300)
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First Aid Necessities Kit - Bag (OUT-11338)
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Lip Balm (WHF-11186)
250 for $0.99 ea
250 for $247.50
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Outdoor Necessities Kit - Bag (OUT-11345)
250 for $3.23 ea
250 for $807.50
Full Color
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Personalize Lip Gloss & Lip Balm with Your Logo

Dry, chapped lips can strike at any time of the year, so there's never a bad time to place an order for personalized lip balm containers that feature your company's logo or contact information. In fact, the clients that receive these items as gifts are certain to appreciate the kind gesture that your purchase represents.

Just like the skin-soothing products that you'd find in a store, these customized lip balm dispensers contain a medicated solution that's held to the highest standards. With an SPF rating of 15, it has the power to reduce the irritating effects of the sun's rays. Meanwhile, this lip balm's soothing ingredients help minimize the drying, chapping effects of wind and cold. Whether your clients do business in bone-dry desert environments or wintry, wind-whipped parts of the world, this high-quality solution will keep them comfortable.

You won't have to pay through the nose for your high-quality promotional lip balm. Unlike store-bought dispensers, these resilient containers start at less than 50 cents apiece for orders of 10,000 or more. With such a large order, you'll be able to save a few containers for your family.

Your personalized lip balm containers will seem like an even better value after you discover all of the customization options at your disposal. After choosing from over 500 stock colors, you'll have the opportunity to place a customized imprint on your lip balm containers. For a memorable effect that's sure to last as long as the lip balm itself, write your firm's name or logo across the barrel of your dispensers. To boost the promotional effect even further, be sure to imprint your phone number and address in a visible location. Since these durable polypropylene containers hold a transferred image well, you won't have to worry about smudging or fading over time.

Once you've selected the perfect custom options for your online lip balm order, begin the process of planning your next promotional event. With such a powerful marketing device on your side, you'll be able to increase your business's exposure without buying up loads of airtime or taking out full-color magazine ads.

Use your promotional lip balm containers as giveaways at an upcoming corporate event or place a whole rack of them at your trade show booth. For customer-focused marketing events that are designed to gin up interest in your company, use part of your order to stuff the gift bags that you give out at your upcoming customer appreciation event.

Your order of personalized lip balm will open doors that you never knew existed. Make your purchase today!