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Custom Personal Care Products

Give the Gift of Health
Make your customers’ and employees’ wellbeing your top priority with custom hand sanitizers and more personal care items.
Custom Hand Sanitizers, Wipes, Pill Box, First Aid Kit Hero
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Recently Viewed Products:

Disposable Non-Surgical Face Masks in Pouch (WHF-11478)
25 for $10.55 ea
25 for $263.75
Disposable Non-Surgical Face Masks in Clear Pouch (WHF-11479)
25 for $10.89 ea
25 for $272.25
KN95 Respiratory Protective Face Mask Packs (WHF-11481)
5 for $16.00 ea
5 for $80.00
Plastic Face Shield (APL-11747)
35 for $4.61 ea
35 for $161.35
15 ml. Essential Oil Amber Dropper Bottle (WHF-11561)
50 for $10.78 ea
50 for $539.00
10 ml. Essential Oil Clear Roller Bottle (WHF-11562)
50 for $8.57 ea
50 for $428.50
Mini Tissue Packet - Doctor and Nurse (WHF-11487)
600 for $0.64 ea
600 for $384.00
Deluxe Travel Kit with Custom Box (TEC-11482)
100 for $15.77 ea
100 for $1,577.00
Full Color
Reusable Non-Woven Face Mask (WHF-11509)
150 for $1.89 ea
150 for $283.50
SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion Pocket Pack (WHF-11179)
500 for $1.55 ea
500 for $775.00
2 In 1 Kit - Brush and Mirror (WHF-11190)
100 for $1.63 ea
100 for $163.00
Yoga Stretch Band - Full Color (WHF-11258)
100 for $3.17 ea
100 for $317.00
Full Color
of 15

When choosing a promotional product, it is important to select an item that will allow you to make a personal connection with your prospect and let them know that you are not just concerned with their business but also about their well-being. Imprinted personal care products provide the ideal opportunity to convey just that.

Whether you need to market your own health care business or you simply want to let your clients know that you are concerned about their well-being, these personalized personal care products are a great choice. Hand them out at trade shows, health fairs or your next corporate event. Whatever the occasion may be, when you pass out these promotional items, you will be conveying the message that your organization can be trusted.

Although these customized personal care products are certainly perfect for the health care industry, they can also be easily used to market a wide array of other types of businesses as well. Clients of any industry are certain to appreciate the usefulness of these items and will remember you for providing them with something that is beneficial and thoughtful.

Everyone appreciates receiving a useful item. This is precisely what makes these promotional personal care products so effective. Although they may be small in size, you can be assured that your logo will continually be on display due to the usefulness of these items. Given the fact that personal care products can be used at home as well as in the office and even while your client is on the go, it quickly becomes apparent just how beneficial these promotional tools can be. Whether your client opts to keep one of these items in the glove box of their car, in their desk drawer or in their purse or briefcase, you can be assured that your generous gesture will be available when they need it the most.