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Custom, Personalized Backpacks

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Trekker Backpack (UDM)
25 for $10.19 ea
25 for $12.99 ea
25 for $254.75
25 for $324.75
Non Woven Sports Pack (UDG)
50 for $1.59 ea
50 for $79.50
Assorted Colors
Polyester Drawstring Bag (UDB)
50 for $1.99 ea
50 for $99.50
Assorted Colors
Budget Backpack (UDP)
50 for $4.99 ea
50 for $249.50
Assorted Colors
Brooklyn Deluxe Sling Backpack (BAG-12565)
38 for $9.45 ea
38 for $359.10
Brandt 15" Computer Backpack (BAG-12821)
20 for $14.03 ea
20 for $280.60
Case Logic® 15" Computer and Tablet Backpack (BAG-13060)
3 for $97.48 ea
3 for $292.44
Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack (BAG-12626)
6 for $289.99 ea
6 for $1,739.94
Long Last Sling Bag (BAG-11202)
25 for $7.53 ea
25 for $188.25
Double Pocket Backpack (BAG-12825)
30 for $11.48 ea
30 for $344.40
High Sierra® Compu-Backpack (BAG-11268)
6 for $69.44 ea
6 for $416.64
Shoren Backpack (UEN)
25 for $9.99 ea
25 for $249.75
of 18

Bags and totes are often excellent options when you need a giveaway item for a tradeshow or customer appreciation gift. When you want to choose a promotional item that offers even more convenience, imprinted backpacks are an option that will provide you with an excellent return on your investment.

While backpacks are often associated with students, the truth is that anyone can benefit from the use of a backpack. Travelers utilize backpacks because they make it convenient to carry around a large number of items easily. Parents of both infants and toddlers often prefer to utilize such totes rather than traditional diaper bags. A backpack is also a great option for bringing to the gym.

The convenience and durability of these promotional backpacks ensure that regardless of how your recipients choose to use them, your kind gesture will be remembered. Each time your recipient grabs one of these bags, they will think of you. Constructed of the highest quality materials, these totes will provide long-lasting use for your recipient and long-term exposure and branding for your company.

The wide array of available options means that you can choose a bag that will perfectly reflect your brand as well as suit your budget. When you need to keep costs low or you need to hand out a large number of promotional items, an inexpensive drawstring backpack or sports pack could be the perfect choice. If you only need to hand out a few items or if you have a larger budget, sling bags or impulse backpacks are certain to be appreciated.

One of the great benefits of these promotional items is that not only will your recipient see your name and logo, but every time they step out with one of these imprinted bags, they will be helping to provide exposure for your business. Referrals can come from a wide variety of sources. You simply never know who may see your logo imprinted on one of these quality personalized backpacks and take the initiative to contact your business.