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Custom iPad Cases & Laptop Bags

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Kenneth Cole® Vert TSA 15" Messenger Bag (BAG-12161)
6 for $81.63 ea
6 for $489.78
Superlative Laptop Briefcase (BAG-12739)
10 for $46.49 ea
10 for $464.90
The Rhythm Messenger Bag (BAG-11401)
75 for $3.19 ea
75 for $239.25
Messenger Bag with Matching Striped Handle (BAG-11375)
25 for $12.64 ea
25 for $316.00
Samsonite™ Ultima™ Computer Bag (BAG-13149)
6 for $94.01 ea
6 for $564.06
Attune Messenger Bag II (BAG-13143)
50 for $9.62 ea
50 for $481.00
Cutter& Buck® Legacy Cotton 17" Computer Messenger (BAG-13070)
3 for $121.85 ea
3 for $365.55
The Wave Messenger Bag (BAG-11220)
25 for $9.58 ea
25 for $239.50
Metro 15" Computer Briefcase (BAG-13137)
24 for $30.98 ea
24 for $743.52
Paragon 15" Computer Attaché (BAG-13084)
6 for $60.91 ea
6 for $365.46
Ovation Portfolio (BAG-13146)
100 for $7.38 ea
100 for $738.00
Casual Friday Messenger Brief (BAG-11428)
50 for $8.18 ea
50 for $409.00
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Personalized iPad cases and laptop bags are quickly becoming a favored promotional item due to their ability to quickly increase brand awareness and their popularity. Not only are these items universally useful, but they are also more eye-catching and larger than many traditional items, such as notepads or pens. When you are searching for a new method for marketing your brand, promotional laptop bags are an excellent choice.

While many promotional items, such as pens, offer limited space for printing your message, that is not the case with custom iPad cases and laptop bags. Rather than worrying about how to reduce your message or logo, you can instead choose large graphics and text to display along with pertinent contact information. To gain even more notice with these cases, consider filling them with other personalized items.

Highlighters, notepads and pens are all common items to giveaway at tradeshows and other events. Although such items can certainly be useful, when you are searching for a unique giveaway item, a personalized laptop bag or iPad case is a choice that is certain to grab your recipient¿s attention. By placing your brand and logo front and center on these spacious laptop bags, you can be assured of high visibility.

In addition, due to the portable nature of these bags, you can also be certain that wherever your recipient takes his or her bag, your brand will be on display. In fact, this is one reason why these cases offer the unique opportunity to reach brand new markets, including airports, restaurants, coffee shops and more.

Whether you are searching for a tablet sleeve, iPad case or messenger bag, there are options to suit your needs. Select a color that will coordinate with the design of your logo for a customized look and a finished product that is certain to be eye catching. While other promotional items often have limits regarding their usefulness, this is not the case with a high-quality laptop bag. Unlike a pen that will eventually run out of ink, the quality materials of these bags ensure they will hold up to the test of daily use.