Customers for Life

Identifying and reaching out to customers is a challenge that businesses face on a regular basis. But what about retaining customers – for life? A plumber in Missouri, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, uses a “front of the line” program for regular customers – meaning that in the dead of winter, if your pipes freeze, you won’t have to wonder when you’ll be able to get a plumber out. In a recent article on MSN’s Business on Main page, Keeping Customers for Life, companies like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are used as a model for how to grow and retain your long-term customer base.

Here are some key steps used by companies like Southwest, ED Foods, and Crucial Technology:

– Delivery what you say you’re going to

– Expect the best

– From there, go beyond the usual

– Watch your customer, not your bottom line

– Nurture lifelong employees

– Make customers want to stick around

– Be picky about your lifelong customers

Customers truly are the heart of any business – we simply wouldn’t exist without them, so remember: treat them well, and your company will be treated well in return!

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