A Natural Hit: The Trinidad Bamboo Pen

Bamboo Personalized PenPens deliver your message every time at a phenomenal value!

The pen is the ultimate promotional giveaway item. While calendars, travel mugs, highlighters, and flashlights are terrific gifts that any marketing manager should stock up on, pens are a tremendously effective marketing tool in that they are relatively inexpensive, are highly useful in the real world, and last quite a long time. If you are looking to drive maximum market penetration for a minimal investment, pens deliver every time.

If you want to drive home the message that your promotional pen is more than what you’d normally expect to see on the bottom of a tradeshow bag, our Trinidad Bamboo pen is the answer!

Classically styled yet contemporary in overall design, the Trinidad Bamboo pen is crafted out of a harmonious blend of real bamboo wood and smooth, polished metal. It can be had with up to 30 characters of laser engraved logos, company names, or general information. This generous imprint area provides lots of real estate for you or your organization to deliver your message. The laser engraving is designed to last the lifetime of the pen.

More than a good looking pen, this promotional item is also environmentally responsible

Bamboo is a responsible and environmentally sound material to use for a writing pen for several reasons. First, it is extremely durable. Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel and is so hard it is frequently used in cutting boards! This delivers the message that your brand name or logo is paired with a virtually indestructible writing implement. Bamboo is also a “green” eco-friendly wood that grows up to ten times faster than hardwoods. This means that bamboo is a smart and sustainable choice for a variety of uses: furniture, flooring, and pens!

Your Trinidad Bamboo pen will send a message to prospective clients and regular customers alike that this is a pen worth keeping. Your logo or brand name can be in front of decision makers and key personnel for years, with a durable pen like our Bamboo model. If you are a marketing manager or are in charge of the promotional items for your organization, you won.t believe the pricing on this pen! With no upcharge for smaller orders, this pen is available for less than $1.50 each, no matter the order size!

By combining economical pricing with an environmentally conscious material selection, the Trinidad Bamboo Pen delivers tremendous marketing power, for very little GREEN.”