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Promo Codes Can Help You Save Money – If They’re Current!

promo codesYou need a coupon site that is comprehensive, current, and full of savings!

There is no doubt that the majority of businesses see the need for promotional marketing and giveaway items. These products can be used for enticing new clients, rewarding your existing book of business, or for simply helping to increase your brand’s market penetration. Whether you’re looking to put a Brand X pen into the hands of everyone in your industry at the next big tradeshow, or you want to send personalized golf tees to your best corporate clients, promotional marketing items are impactful and valuable to any business line.

One constraint that many marketing managers have is money. But, the next closest resource that is becoming increasingly scarce these days is time! The overall budget must be considered when sales managers and marketing gurus work on their next promotional item purchase. Many purchasers look to online coupon codes and voucher programs to save on their marketing expenses. This is usually accomplished by trolling the Internet in search of random coupon codes on affiliate websites.

Internet searches for coupon codes may be effective in the short term, but it takes significant time, and it may not always result in much money saved. For this reason, it makes sense to utilize coupon codes that are embedded in the website for the company that you are purchasing from. This guarantees the authenticity and the accuracy of the voucher in question. There are several major sites on the Internet today that have scores of coupon codes for a variety of retailers, but many of these are outdated or simply incorrect. This creates a frustrating situation in that productive time is wasted and money isn’t saved. When you consider the salary and time commitment made by those in the marketing field, it makes little sense to aimlessly wander the Web in search of coupon deals.

At National Pen, we’ve organized the coupons you need in an easy to read and user-friendly format. When you visit the National Pen coupons page, you’ll see a comprehensive assortment of discounts, special offers, and money-saving promotions. From 20% off specials on customized pens, to free shipping on sports-themed merchandise, you’ll always find a great discount on our appealing and effective promotional merchandise. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our coupon page, simply connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to receive exclusive money saving offers.

You no longer need to aimlessly search the Internet to find the discounts you need. Visit National Pen today to see just how easy it is to order the customized promotional merchandise you need – at the prices that are engineered to fit your budget.

Tis the Season! Get Promotional Holiday Gift Ideas

Customized Holiday Gift IdeaThe holidays are upon us – stock up now on effective holiday promotional items!

The holidays typically boil down to friends, family, and good times. This time of year is also an important one in which to show your business partners and prospects that you value their business and are looking to continue building upon your business relationship in the coming year. Holiday themed promotional gift items are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your client base, as well as to help convert industry prospects to new customers.

But what are the most effective (as well as most economical) promotional gift ideas this season? There isn’t one “magic” solution – rather, being able to stock a variety of holiday items will allow you to more effectively target your customers, prospects, and even employees!

First off, let’s talk about the power of a customized holiday greeting card. Holiday cards show you clients that you care about them, and think highly enough to send out a beautiful card during this time of year. Sometimes, the littlest differences make the biggest impact, and sending a holiday card can sway a prospect into doing business with you – versus a competitor who doesn’t even take the time to mail a card. Your choice of card is also important as it hints at the level of commitment you have to your base. Foil-lined envelopes and custom designs not only look great – they are representative of your business. With a complete line of holiday envelopes, National Pen has you covered!

The holiday season is also a time in which people indulge in sweet treats and decadent desserts. Simple gift ideas like custom lollipops, wrapped candy, chocolate gift sets, and mints can add a fun and festive atmosphere to the workplace. These sweet treats will leave a lasting impression and will remind your customers of you each time a piece is unwrapped. The power of custom candy or chocolate cannot be underestimated.

This holiday season also provides a terrific time to promote your business on customized mugs and drinkware. With colder temperatures brings hotter drinks – and a set of customized mugs can go a long way to showing your business associates that you care about them. Let these mugs be a constant reminder of your commitment to your clients and prospects.

Promotional holiday gift ideas don’t need to be lavish. They simply need to be usable, tailored to your target audience, affordable relative to your marketing budget, and of a quality that represents your company in the best light. At National Pen, we offer an incredible assortment of holiday marketing gifts, as well as promotional items for any time of year.


The Frosty Grip Pen Makes a Cool Winter Giveaway!

Frosty Personalized PenFrosty Pens bring holiday cheer and real utility to your marketing efforts!

When searching for the perfect promotional giveaway item, you’ll want to consider a few key points. First, who is your target audience? Second, what is your budget and how many people do you want to reach? Third, is there a season or holiday-based theme that you can capitalize on to drive more business and more deeply connect with your business partners and prospects? One of the most effective promotional marketing tools you can employ is the customized writing pen. Now, National Pen is proud to offer the Frosty Grip Pen that offers a smooth, pleasing profile with a translucent barrel design and frosted clip. These pens fulfill the three key points above with ease!

While determining your target audience is important, it seems that everyone is happy to receive a customized pen. This makes the question of “who am I really targeting here?” a moot point. Pens are great for just about anyone – tradespeople, medical professionals, businessmen and women, almost everyone uses a pen on a daily, if not hourly, basis. From a budgetary standpoint you’ll want to consider how much you have to spend on promotional giveaway items and how many people you are trying to reach. Customized pens are available at extremely low prices, and your unit cost drops dramatically as your order size increases. The price per pen on a larger order can be nearly half of the price for smaller lots.

Right now is a terrific time to take advantage of the holiday season – with Frosty Grip pens from National Pen. These pens allow for up to four lines of customized information. You can display your logo, business information, company slogan – whatever you feel will help market your organization more effectively. The Frosty Grip pen combines a high-quality translucent barrel with a rubber grip surface and a frosted plastic clip. Available in either translucent purple, blue, red, or green, the Frosty Grip pen will make a tremendous impact on your customers and prospects.

Get a Free CD or Personalized Pen With Your Holiday Card Order!

Holiday Card with CDHoliday Cards Deliver a Powerful Marketing Message

The holidays are a time of year in which we reflect on the good things in life. For those who operate in the business world, it is a time to show appreciation for the mutually beneficial clients who help drive your bottom line – as well as the industry prospects who may become lucrative business affiliates down the road. While delivering lavish gifts and a flood of promotional items isn’t always a possibility for every group, few can argue that the upfront cost of a pack of customized holiday cards isn’t worth the investment. In fact, holiday cards are a tremendously affordable way of showing your clients and industry connections that you care deeply about your working relationship, so take the time to recognize this fact during the holiday season.

Free CD or personalized pen with each holiday card

A holiday card is a thoughtful way of telling your clients how much they mean to you. Now, you can help put them in the holiday spirit by sending a complimentary holiday-themed CD or personalized pen along with their card. Each holiday card through National Pen comes with either a customized 12-song holiday CD or a high quality personalized pen.  Pens are some of the best promotional giveaway items and the ability to include a custom pen with your holiday greeting card is a real benefit. The holiday CD is loaded with seasonal classics, like:

  • Here We Come A Caroling,
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas,
  • Joy To The World
  • Hark The Herald Angels
  • The Holly And The Ivy
  • We Three Kings
  • Silent Night
  • Deck The Halls
  • Hallelujah Chorus
  • I Saw Three Ships
  • I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
  • Little Town of Bethlehem

Think about the marketing power of a thoughtful holiday card combined with a CD of holiday music that your customer or prospect can enjoy with their loved ones. This spreads positive correlative feelings towards your business and will help endear your company to those at all levels. Add in an elegant foil-lined mailing envelope and you have a truly classy and effective way of showing your clients that you really care. So spread some holiday cheer, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, with custom holiday cards from National Pen.

Holiday Season Marketing Tips To Maximize Exposure For Your Business

Holiday Season Marketing Tips for BusinessMarketing early and often is the key to a great holiday sales season

The holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving signals the unofficial beginning to the holiday season, and that means holiday meals, family visits, wrapping presents, and the inevitable shopping trip (or trips!). Those who rely on the purchasing power of consumers or businesses must capitalize on this timeframe that normally spans the month and a half between Thanksgiving and New Year Day. Some of the most powerful ways to market your business during this lucrative time are as follows:

  • Market early and often – you’ll want your clients thinking about you and your business before they are ready to make a purchasing decision.
  • Communicate to your target audience through a variety of mediums – Facebook promotions, direct mail campaigns, gift baskets, and holiday themed coupons will help increase awareness around your business or organization.
  • Most people or businesses purchase due to repetitious and effective advertising. Send something that is holiday themed or provides timely value to your prospects and current customer base often. For example – custom, holiday-themed pens could be sent in multiple waves so the client is reminded of your business during this festive time.
  • Create limited time offers that tie in the holiday season. A Thanksgiving special, Christmas deal, or New Year’s promo can drive in business while establishing a specific time-frame and sense of urgency in the client.
  • Send custom holiday cards to all of your prospects and current customers. Many cards are available with “seasonal” greetings versus religious messages, so you’ll be able to connect with just about anyone.
  • Send promotional giveaway items to your base that are just one step above the normal items you deliver. This is the time to show your customers and prospects that you care enough about them to send a thoughtful gift.

The holiday season is a time of year that provides you with an opportunity to market to your target audience and show your customers that you value their business. It is crucial to market early, to communicate often, and to give your audience a reminder of why your relationship is so important. With a variety of holiday-themed promotional giveaway items and seasonal gifts, National Pen offers thoughtful and effective marketing products to help you secure more business. With the holiday season upon us, it is more important than ever to show your clients that you value their business.

A Natural Hit: The Trinidad Bamboo Pen

Bamboo Personalized PenPens deliver your message every time – at a phenomenal value

The pen is the ultimate promotional giveaway item. While calendars, travel mugs, highlighters, and flashlights are terrific gifts that any marketing manager should stock up on, pens are a tremendously effective marketing tool in that they are relatively inexpensive, are highly useful in the real world, and last quite a long time. If you are looking to drive maximum market penetration for a minimal investment, pens deliver every time.

If you want to drive home the message that your promotional pen is more than what you’d normally expect to see on the bottom of a tradeshow bag, our Trinidad Bamboo pen is the answer. Classically styled yet contemporary in overall design, the Trinidad Bamboo pen is crafted out of a harmonious blend of real bamboo wood and smooth, polished metal. It can be had with up to 30 characters of laser engraved logos, company names, or general information. This generous imprint area provides lots of real estate for you or your organization to deliver your message. The laser engraving is designed to last the lifetime of the pen.

More than a good looking pen, this promotional item is also environmentally responsible

Bamboo is a responsible and environmentally sound material to use for a writing pen for several reasons. First, it is extremely durable. Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel and is so hard it is frequently used in cutting boards! This delivers the message that your brand name or logo is paired with a virtually indestructible writing implement. Bamboo is also a “green,” eco-friendly wood that grows up to ten times faster than hardwoods. This means that bamboo is a smart and sustainable choice for a variety of uses – furniture, flooring, and – pens!

Your Trinidad Bamboo pen will send a message to prospective clients and regular customers alike that this is a pen worth keeping. Your logo or brand name can be in front of decision makers and key personnel for years, with a durable pen like our Bamboo model. If you are a marketing manager or are in charge of the promotional items for your organization, you won’t believe the pricing on this pen! With no upcharge for smaller orders, this pen is available for less than $1.50 each, no matter the order size! By combining economical pricing with an environmentally conscious material selection, the Trinidad Bamboo Pen delivers tremendous marketing power, for very little “green.”

Get Styling with Stylus Pens

Personalized Stylus PensThe popularity of touchscreen devices makes stylus pens a perfect promotional item

When it comes to promotional giveaway items, you can’t beat the simplicity, utility, and economy of a quality promotional pen. Pens are used every day, and it seems that you can’t have too many writing implements around the office, in your car, or at home. With the recent popularity of touchscreen devices – like smart phones, tablets, and sophisticated new laptops, a promotional stylus pen is an incredibly useful additional to your marketing kit. Stylus pens incorporate a soft, yet highly controllable end piece that makes accessing all of the functions of your smart device a snap. As phones become slimmer and more feature content is packed onto each page, it becomes increasingly difficult to text, type, or email using standard smart phone keyboards. A stylus helps increase the accuracy and speed at which you can interface with your smart phone – making the stylus a terrific modern day promotional gift.

What options are available in promotional stylus pens?

The savvy marketer will no doubt match the stylus pen to the target audience, but no matter who the end user is destined to be, stocking a variety of stylus pens will help you tailor your approach. Standard stylus pens are available for as little as 57-cents each and can arm your sales and marketing force with an economical and useful batch of promotional items that are sure to see use. Just think – with the amount we all use our smart phones and tablets on a daily basis, wouldn’t it be fantastic for your clients or prospects to see your company’s logo or name each time they send a text, email, or even dial their phone?

Upgrades to the standard stylus pen include:

Stylus pens with integral flashlights. These permit easier manipulation of the stylus in low light situations and even provide enough illumination to be used in an emergency. Can’t quite find the keyhole on your front door at night? Simply use your stylus penlight and you’ll be able to cut through the darkness. Laser engraving puts your company name or logo in the customer’s hands. Many of these pens are 3-in-1 units, combining a flashlight, a stylus, and a traditional pen all in one!

Stylus laser pen combos: Combining the benefits of a stylus with the usefulness of a laser pointer, these combo units deliver incredible perceived value and offer the ability to showcase themselves in high profile meeting rooms and boardrooms across the nation. Your logo will be seen by the decision makers of businesses across the nation.

Stylus companions with pens: These units conveniently attach to your smart phone, tablet, or laptop and guarantee that a stylus is always right at hand. Doubling as a pen, stylus companions are there when you need them most.

Other stylus pen options are available today and provide incredible utility for nearly any modern touchscreen user. With some models featuring integrated lasers, LED flashlights, or high quality pens, these units will provide a lasting and effective platform on which to market your business or organization.

Highlight Your Business with Promotional Highlighters

Promotional HighlightersHighlight the benefits of your organization with a practical and memorable highlighter

Highlighters are found in nearly every office around the world, and are popular among students and professionals alike. Whether you’re looking to make a big impact with your book of prospects, your list of current clients, or any specifically targeted group, you’ll find that highlighters provide a practical and fun medium for getting your message out. Highlighters are useful in just about any setting, and can be ordered in a variety of configurations to match the needs of your targeted audience.

Some of the most inventive highlighters available today include:

Silver Double Header Pens: These are double-ended pens that include a high quality-writing pen on one end and a chisel tipped highlighter on the opposite side. This configuration is highly usable for students – who often find themselves taking copious notes in their textbooks, while also highlighting important passages. These pen/highlighter combinations are also terrific for those who attend a lot of meetings, as the ability to switch between writing and highlighting is truly practical.

Bic Brite Liner Grip Highlighters: These comfortable and highly usable highlighting pens sport barrel colors that match the color of the highlighting ink. They are available with your customizable, screen-printed logo or graphic, and are sure to make a statement to customers and prospects alike.

Petal Highlighter:  This tri-colored highlighter delivers a whole lot of highlighting power, along with a big surface area in which to apply your logo or company name. Three separate colors – purple, blue, and yellow, provide a highlighting choice for any situation. Students love the different colors, as this allows for better organization and categorization of notes and readings.

Erasable Highlighter: This innovative highlighting set delivers the benefit of six separate highlighter choices, with an integrated eraser housed in the body of each pen. Highlighters are rarely found with an eraser function, so this will certainly be a much talked about addition to your promotional giveaway portfolio. Screen print up to 18 characters on each highlighter for a powerful new marketing tool.

Oasis Recycled Bottle Highlighter: This promotional highlighter is fantastic for any purpose – but really resonates with those who value environmental responsibility and the green movement. Tell those whom you interact with that the environment and our collective future is worth highlighting!

There are countless variations of highlighters available today, and just about any style is bound to impress your clients or potential business contacts. Highlighters, like promotional pens and calendars, provide an immediate and practical benefit for the end user. So shed some light on your company’s mission with innovative promotional highlighters from National Pen.

How promotional gifts can increase employee morale

giftsetEmployees love receiving complimentary promotional gifts – so stock up now!

You know how important it is to promote your brand and increase the market awareness of your company. Businesses spend thousands – even millions of dollars each year on promotional campaigns and they expect a significant return on the investment. One of the most economical ways to impart loyalty and positive recognition of your brand is to send promotional gifts to the employees of the businesses you are communicating with. All employees love receiving free promotional items, and your company will certainly prosper when you decide to create a positive impression among those targeted groups.

There are certainly promotional items that are more appropriate than others, given the target market, so it pays to understand which items would provide the best return on investment. For example, if you are visiting a medical office, it pays to invest in promotional goods that are needed around the office. Pens are a great choice for nearly any industry, as the promotional power of the pen is matched only by its utility. Due to the long hours and demanding working conditions of a doctor’s office, coffee is a reality! Investing in quality custom coffee mugs or insulated cups with your logo emblazoned on the outside will go a long way toward establishing a positive and daily reminder of your business.

Day planners and calendars are useful promotional items that have a powerful ability to remind the employee of your company on a daily basis. Your logo or insignia will be looked at each day – maybe several times per day! This helps draw a link between your company and a sense of organization. Day planners and calendars are tremendous promotional items that are affordable and provide a lot of utility for the end user. Unlike a pen that might get lost, a calendar is a fairly static item that will see a lot of use in a briefcase, purse, or on the desktop.

Deliver useful promotional items to employees and they will love it!

Employees of businesses large and small can discern between those promotional items that provide utility and those that are throw away items. By understanding the nature of the business you are contacting, you’ll be able to custom tailor your promotional giveaway items to impart maximum effect. Whether you’re considering pens for maximum effectiveness, coffee mugs or insulated tumblers for daily utility, calendars for year-round use, or any of the other highly effective products available through National Pen, you’ll certainly make a positive and lasting effect on employees across various industries.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Promotional Products

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pairs With Promotional Marketing

Breast Cancer Awareness Products

At National Pen, we stock a massive assortment of marketing and promotional items that are designed to impress your clients and increase your brand awareness. One of the most important ways that you can reinforce your corporate message, increase market penetration, and provide a positive correlation between your sales force and the client is by providing high quality, relevant, and timely promotional products. Every October, governments and businesses take the opportunity to observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). October is a time to support and encourage those who are currently suffering from breast cancer, or those who consider themselves survivors.

NBCAM is characterized by the color pink. Football player and the NFL incorporate the color into helmets, uniforms, and other on-field equipment. Baseball players can be seen using pink bats during the month of October, and many large companies will light up their corporate offices with pink-hued lighting – all to show solidarity and support of those find themselves involved in one way or another with this horrific ailment. Charity runs and walks are prevalent during this time, as are pink-ribbon events that raise money for breast cancer research and patient welfare programs.

National Pen is a strong supporter of NBCAM and is proud to offer a variety of breast cancer awareness products during the month of October. You can design our squiggle pen with a pink ribbon theme, and the powerful phrase, “the best protection is early detection.” You can specify the color of ink, the specific pink ribbon logo design, and there are significant discounts for volume orders.

Silicone bracelets are wildly popular these days, and you’ll be able to offer an impressive and thoughtful promotional item by selecting our silicone bracelets. These are not only terrific promotional items, but they also demonstrate that you and your organization support worthy causes like breast cancer awareness.

A wide variety of additional products are available that show your prospective clients that you care about important issues like breast cancer research. Early screening procedures and additional research studies are costly, making the pink ribbon program a tremendous way for individuals and businesses to support this vital work. Show your clients that you are involved in contemporary and worthwhile causes with pink ribbon promotional items from National Pen.