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The Top Seven Promotional Products That Can Make Your Business a Hit

Promotional ProductsYou know you need to market your brand with promotional products – now, which ones are the right items for your organization? The first concept to realize is that no marketing approach will fit all businesses. Ford doesn’t sell cars by adopting the same principles that has made Apple so successful. That said, the promotional giveaways that are typically exchanged at tradeshows and during sales calls must be engineered to make a lasting impact at a reasonable price. Here are seven items that are guaranteed to make statement at any event:

Pens – so simple, yet infinitely useful. Everybody seems to use one on a daily basis and when you find one that writes nicely, it creates brand loyalty. Investing in high-quality custom pens can have your prospects and customers seeking out your pen to use on a daily basis. This subconscious connection between your company and quality is priceless.

CoolersPersonalized lunch bags and coolers are a great way to get your company’s logo in front of consumers during their downtime. Coolers come out during BBQ’s, at sporting events, on camping trips, and at the beach. Keep your logo modest, so as not to put off a prospective client, and you’ll have brand recognition during those happy moments in people’s lives.

MagnetsPromotional magnets are a simple way to increase your marketing reach. Magnets are typically used to hold either photos or important documents within reach of the user. Your magnet will see a lot of use, and provides a highly visible reminder of your organization.

Flashlights – Literally brighten your company’s future with a keychain flashlight. These units provide actual real-world value and are a constant reminder that your organization cares for the safety and convenience of its customer base. LED technology has increased performance and reduced costs.

Sports Bottles – Sports bottles will hopefully overtake the plastic water bottle fad someday. With the green movement at full steam ahead, eco-friendly products like a custom sports bottle can tell your customers and prospects that you are a powerful company that supports key initiatives.

Travel Mugs – These moveable billboards for your company are a great way to enhance your marketing ability – at a low price. Also embracing the green movement, these refillable mugs offer an environmentally conscious way to keep favorite hot or cold beverages within reach, even on the road!

Calendars – A promotional calendar that is in use provides an entire year of daily reminders about your company. Get creative and customize a calendar with information specific to your company or client base. 365 reminders of why your organization is great is priceless.

Promotional giveaway items have the ability to increase your market share, provide a real-world benefit for your customers, and enable you to entice prospects with timely marketing materials. These top promo items are sure to help grow your business, and can do so at remarkably little expense!

Maximize Your Logo’s Effectiveness

Where do you put your logo? While consistency is important, it needs to be balanced with where the logo is placed. Many items work more efficiently with a logo in one place for one situation and in other situations, they work better with the logo in another location.

For example, if you order a folding chair with a carrying bag, there are three possible places to place your logo depending on where you plan to use the folding chair:

Trade Shows: If you order the chairs for set up at a trade show and know people will look at the front of the chair, placing the logo on the front makes the most sense.

Every Day Use: If you are giving chairs away to be used at the beach or sporting events, the logo on the back would provide you with the best exposure, as a person sitting in the chair will block any logos on the front.

Traveling: If you plan to pass the chairs out at a trade show or are planning to give them to frequent travelers, placing your logo on the traveling case would be the best advertising space.

Keep this in mind when creating company ads and you will soon notice that focusing on the location of your logo always benefits your brand.

What was the smartest place you ever saw someone put a logo?

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Put Your Logo in Its Place

Effective Logo placement builds your brand –whether you are advertising in a magazine, on a billboard or on a promotional giveaway. Selecting the location of your logo is an important (albeit, frequently overlooked) step in your advertising plan. Here are our thoughts:

Consistency Equals Recognition. Distributing a red tee shirt with your name on the back, followed by a blue tee shirt with your name on the sleeve might keep things interesting, but it may cause you to lose brand recognition. Major national corporations can get away with this because they have so much recognition already; but for a small company, keeping things the same will help you a lot more.

Placing the logo. Put your image EVERYWHERE –but be consistent. You can build effective advertising from the top, bottom, left or right of any item, as long as you keep it in the same place. Keep things uniform on paper products, such as invoices, as well.

The more people see your logo, the more interest your company will drive. Put your logo everywhere you can for the best response.

Where’s the most creative place you’ve ever seen a logo?

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The Five Factors of A Successful Logo

How long does it take you to recognize the brands above? Less than a second, right? Logos are an important part of a brand’s image. They can be made up of initials, words, graphics, shapes or a combination of one or more of those aspects. Despite how different the logos themselves are, there are always five factors that apply to a strong logo.

Recognizable –If your logo contains text, make it readable. Your brand won’t be remembered if it can’t be read. Similarly, if your logo looks like another company’s, your customers will think of that brand when they see your advertising icon -a waste of advertising dollars.

Associative –There is a reason car companies use strong, majestic animals for their icons. Your logo should work with your company or it will leave people scratching their heads.

Credible –A logo should represent the work you do. A cartoon monkey may work for a children’s party company, but not an accounting office.

Timeless –Every time you change your logo, you lose the branding built on the past version. Trendy logos may be outdated in only a few years.

Simple – The simpler a logo, the quicker it can be associated with your brand. Consider the most famous company logos around, a curved check mark, a red bulls eye, a rearing horse, etc. They are all simple. That’s why they work.

Did you know T-mobile has gone so far to make their logo simple they use just a color? That’s right, they placed a copyright on the color magenta to protect it as their logo.

Make your logo stand out from the crowd and get your brand noticed. Do you have any good or bad logos to share?

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