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Celebrate Independence Day with Made-in-USA Promotional Products!

4th of JulyA whopping 150 million hot dogs will be smothered in ketchup, mustard, grilled onions and peppers. Smoke from grills will fill backyards spanning the 3.79 million square miles of our country. Fireworks will decorate the night sky with bright colors and their smoky paths. Memories will be made and laughter will be shared as 41 million Americans enjoy the hospitality of a friends’ home this Independence Day.

While the Fourth of July is an iconic American holiday, remembering our independence and all the sacrifice it took to achieve it is far from a lighthearted topic. Our country, the land of the free and the home of the brave, came at a high cost. Patriotism has been well earned and is well deserved from every United States Citizen.

The National in National Pen represents just that. We are so proud to support the stars and stripes! With over 100 promotional products made in the USA, National Pen believes in keeping products and production local when possible to provide jobs and economic support to our home country.

Not only do we offer made-in-USA promotional products, we also offer patriotic themes for some of our products so that you can display patriotism on your promotional items. Your product could be your first impression to a new client.  Showing your respect and appreciation for the Red, White, and Blue will reflect loyalty to your country and as a company. That will leave a lasting impression like fireworks!

Let Us Better Serve You!

This week is National Customer Service Week, and we at National Pen are always looking for ways to better extend excellent customer service to those who do business with us.  Customer Service is highly important to our company because ensuring that our products fulfill your needs and wants is our top priority.

In any business, it is the company’s duty and responsibility to ensure satisfaction on all fronts.  The customer is the main determinant of business prosperity and without the customer, there can be no business.  Below are service highlights that have shaped National Pen Co. and our mission towards generating excellent customer service:

Customer Care Center with many outlets for support:

These highlights have built the foundation for extending excellent customer service to all.  We take great pride in serving our customers and would like to hear from you as well to improve.  How can we better serve you?  What can we do to make our business more efficient?  What changes would you like to see us make?  During this week we want to hear from you, the customer, on ways we can better provide our services!  You can contact us via our Customer Care center ( or find us on Facebook and Twitter to contact us as well.  Have a great weekend!

Catch Summer Games Fever!

Are you as excited about the Summer Games as we are?  The amazing athletes in London are giving us something to cheer about as we head into the dog days of summer.  In case you’ve missed out on the fun, here are some our favorite moments so far:

- Michael Phelps swimming his final race to win gold and retire as the most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 22 medals, 18 gold.

- The Fab 5 taking gold in gymnastics for the first time since 1996. 

- Usain Bolt sprinting 100m to gold in just 9.63 seconds.  Wow, that’s fast!

- Gabby Douglas aka “The Flying squirrel” becoming the first black Olympic gold medalist in the all-around gymnastics competition.

It’s not all about winning.  Double amputee Oscar Pistorius was an inspiration for millions even when he did not make the finals for the 400-meter race.  The world watched as Grenada’s Kirani James asked to exchange bib numbers with Pistorius as a gesture of admiration and respect. 

We still have another week of games to go!  Because we’re so excited about the summer games, we’ve extended our summer savings offer.  In honor of the 30th Summer Games, save up to $30 on National Pen brand products, now through August 8.  Enter MEDAL at checkout.

If you’re feeling patriotic (of course you are!), check out our selection of products Made in the USA.

Keeping America Strong

This week, we honor American Presidents, past and present.  It’s a fitting time to think about how we keep our country and local economy strong.  A recent study by Booz and Company found that,

“Today, U.S. manufacturers provide about 75% of the products that Americans consume.  But that number could soar to 95% within a few years if business and government leaders take the right actions. Conversely, if the sector remains neglected, that output could fall by half, meeting less than 40% of U.S. demand.”

We at National Pen are pushing toward that 95%.  We continue to expand our selection of products 100% Made in the USA.  Many of our top-selling products are manufactured at our plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  This is a win-win because when you buy from National Pen, you get American-made quality – no need to know what materials were used and whether they’re safe.  You also help us keep jobs (and your hard-earned dollars!) here in America.  Together, we’re helping fuel the US economy.  We think that’s something to feel good about, and many of you agree:

“I love the fact that we can buy something with the “Made in the USA” on it. The pens and magnets that we’ve purchased so far have been of good quality and they look great!”

“The ONLY reason I buy from you is because yours is an AMERICAN company. Keep the jobs here.  THANK YOU.”

“It is made in the USA…it is the only way I do my business”

“Yeah!!! Love your pens, and love the fact that they are made in America!!!!!”


This list of customer comments could go on and on.  Thanks for your support and for helping us do our part to keep America strong.  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would be proud!

Proud to be American-made

We recently received the letter below from a happy customer. You may not know that many of our National Pen brand products are 100% Made in the USA. We manufacture top-selling pens like the Contour and the Colorama at our plant in Shelbyville, TN. The benefit to you is that you get American-made quality, factory direct prices and fast delivery. Most of all, you can feel good knowing that when you buy our products, you’re helping to keep dollars and jobs here in the USA.

“Dear Mr. Thompson:

Several weeks ago, I ordered pens from your company. We plan to give them away at the county fair. The pens arrived promptly, and look even better than as displayed on the website. Last week, I brought them to our monthly meeting and everyone was pleased with them.

It is important to our members that we shop for items made in America (the real America, not some off-shore territory). But even if that were not a factor, the price, quality and speed of service would ensure I recommend your company to others.“

For a complete list of promotional products Made in the USA, visit our site.