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The Importance of Company Reviews . Including National Pen!

Trust Pilot reviewHave you ever gotten an email asking you to review or rate a recent product purchased? Perhaps you have even gotten one from us asking you for a National Pen Company review! It seems as though star ratings and customer reviews are gaining popularity . among both retailers and consumers . mostly because reviews have gained substantial credibility among consumers. But why?

Benefits of Company and Product Reviews

Any company, with the desire to sell a product of service, will advertise their product at its best. The commercial or advertisement will show the new product functioning to full capacity exceeding expectations. Consumers are enticed by this, but most are smarter than their initial impulse to buy.

Consumers want to know an honest assessment of the product. They want to know what to expect at its worst, and they look to other consumers to openly share their experience. Reviews and ratings allow customers to provide their opinions of companies and their products, just as National Pen customers review their experience of our company and products.

While it is nearly impossible to completely satisfy 100% of customers, most companies have embraced consumer reviews and increased customer service efforts to match the goal of consumer satisfaction. It.s a win-win for customers!

National Pen Company Reviews

We, like most companies, use reviews to work on and improve products, as well as share information so that you, as the consumer, can make the best purchasing decision. reviews are a great way to get a feel for the products and service we deliver our customers.

While we are pretty sure you will love our promotional items, we.ll let you check out our National Pen Company reviews for yourself at!

Are you prepared for winter?

Cold and wet weather is here. We recently received this note from a customer that reminded us that our LED Flashlight Keychain could come in handy right about now. If you’re looking for a practical gift that your customers will appreciate in the winter months, look no further. We can’t tell you how many times we hear about how this little flashlight has saved the day. Just imagine how much your customers would love you if your name was on it!

“Well, there I was. It was 10:30 last night, and my son called me saying he.d gone in the ditch about 10 miles from our house. We had 10 inches of snow yesterday and it was very slick out. So, I bundled up and drove out on the very dark windswept county road to pull him out with my truck. As I backed up to his van turned backwards in the ditch, I realized I had no flashlight with me. I had to crawl under his van which was packed with snow and try and find a place to hook up the tow strap without any light to see what I was doing. I was upset.. Then a thought came somewhere from the back of my head- .didn.t I get a sample flashlight from National Pen about a month ago- and didn.t I put that in the truck…. Yes, I did have the flashlight with, and it worked great. The little tiny keychain flashlight was more than bright enough to illuminate the whole undercarriage and although I still had to belly through 10 inches of snow, at least I was able to see what I was doing, thanks to National Pen! Just thought I.d send a special thank you from me, and my son, who I hope will drive a little more carefully now on icy roads.”