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Lighten Up!

We have six more weeks until Daylight Savings Time starts and the days slowly get longer.  There are many benefits to getting that extra hour of light.  Retailers get more traffic in their stores in the evening hours, you can get outside and enjoy a longer stroll with your pet, and for most of us, it just feels better to leave work when the sun is still out. 

Until then, we have an array of great light products that will keep you and your customers out of the dark. 

The Light Up Lumina Pen

With a sleek brass barrel and triangle grip, this pen is one of my favorites. I have taken it on vacation, on hikes and keep one in my glovebox.  With one click, the gripper turns on a bright light.  I love that it’s dual purpose – you never know when you’ll need a pen or a light!

Another dual purpose gift, this elegant keychain with lacquer finish contains a brilliant white LED light.  This product is consistently a top-seller and we get rave reviews from both customers and recipients. 

New to our family of light products, this flashlight started selling like hotcakes as soon as we introduced it.  The crisp white barrel really draws the eye to your imprint, and the bright-colored trim make this a fun gift. 


This high intensity LED light with a flexible coil neck is great for lighting up tight spots. 

9 LED Flashlight

You can’t have enough of these ultra-bright flashlight at your home or office.  The wrist strap makes it easy to carry and the powerful light will come in handy in any emergency. 

Like all National Pen products, these light-up products can be customized with your personal message.  Laser engraving will ensure that your name stands out. 

While they are especially useful in the winter months, lights make a practical gift year-round.  For more options, check out our full selection of flashlights and light-up pens.  Just think of the goodwill you’ll generate when your customers are in a bind and pull out that emergency light with your name on it!

Are you prepared for winter?

Cold and wet weather is here. We recently received this note from a customer that reminded us that our LED Flashlight Keychain could come in handy right about now. If you’re looking for a practical gift that your customers will appreciate in the winter months, look no further. We can’t tell you how many times we hear about how this little flashlight has saved the day. Just imagine how much your customers would love you if your name was on it!

“Well, there I was. It was 10:30 last night, and my son called me saying he’d gone in the ditch about 10 miles from our house. We had 10 inches of snow yesterday and it was very slick out. So, I bundled up and drove out on the very dark windswept county road to pull him out with my truck. As I backed up to his van turned backwards in the ditch, I realized I had no flashlight with me. I had to crawl under his van which was packed with snow and try and find a place to hook up the tow strap without any light to see what I was doing. I was upset…… Then a thought came somewhere from the back of my head- “didn’t I get a sample flashlight from National Pen about a month ago- and didn’t I put that in the truck…..” Yes, I did have the flashlight with, and it worked great. The little tiny keychain flashlight was more than bright enough to illuminate the whole undercarriage and although I still had to belly through 10 inches of snow, at least I was able to see what I was doing, thanks to National Pen! Just thought I’d send a special thank you from me, and my son, who I hope will drive a little more carefully now on icy roads.”