Creating a Slogan That Sticks

Do you still remember the cute old lady asking “Where’s the beef?”  That was one catchy slogan. It outlived the brand’s use of the slogan, just like “I’m Going To Disneyland.”  An effective slogan can mean the difference between an advertisement being seen and being remembered.

Here are some tips to help make your own “Got Milk?” or other timeless tagline.

Associative: Your tag line should represent your product or service in only a few words. The main benefit of what you are offering should somehow be invoked.  “Maybe she’s born with it.  Maybe it’s Maybelline,” emphasizes the natural beauty brought out with their makeup brand.

Differentiating: Let people know the difference between your brand and the competition.  “The quicker picker-upper,” says “these towels will clean up your mess faster than the other guys.”

Simple: The most effective slogans are short and sweet. Witty is good, but humor is subjective and frequently just cliche.  “Be all you can be,” says a ton in only five short words.

Emotion: Invoke emotion or need in consumers. How many times have you said, “Can you hear me now?” on a phone with a bad connection?  Hearing someone confidently say “good” after the question makes us feel good.

Sticky: The slogan needs to be memorable and maintain freshness.  Anything trendy will not work in the long run and anything forgettable isn’t worth your money.  “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs,” is ingrained in everyone’s minds though this line hasn’t been used for years.

Remember these tricks when making a slogan and you’ll be sure to create a memorable image that lasts.  What’s your favorite company slogan? Have you created a successful tagline for your company?

Photo courtesy of nomad73