Keeping America Strong

This week, we honor American Presidents, past and present.  It’s a fitting time to think about how we keep our country and local economy strong.  A recent study by Booz and Company found that,

“Today, U.S. manufacturers provide about 75% of the products that Americans consume.  But that number could soar to 95% within a few years if business and government leaders take the right actions. Conversely, if the sector remains neglected, that output could fall by half, meeting less than 40% of U.S. demand.”

We at National Pen are pushing toward that 95%.  We continue to expand our selection of products 100% Made in the USA.  Many of our top-selling products are manufactured at our plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  This is a win-win because when you buy from National Pen, you get American-made quality – no need to know what materials were used and whether they’re safe.  You also help us keep jobs (and your hard-earned dollars!) here in America.  Together, we’re helping fuel the US economy.  We think that’s something to feel good about, and many of you agree:

“I love the fact that we can buy something with the “Made in the USA” on it. The pens and magnets that we’ve purchased so far have been of good quality and they look great!”

“The ONLY reason I buy from you is because yours is an AMERICAN company. Keep the jobs here.  THANK YOU.”

“It is made in the USA…it is the only way I do my business”

“Yeah!!! Love your pens, and love the fact that they are made in America!!!!!”


This list of customer comments could go on and on.  Thanks for your support and for helping us do our part to keep America strong.  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would be proud!