Graphic Design – Tips on the Tools

Graphic design is a fundamental part of every business. From business cards to website, the design you select makes a statement about your company. If you are starting a business or perhaps looking to reinvent the look of your company I highly recommend working with an advertising agency or a freelance designer to establish a brand kit – business card, letterhead, website, and brochure. Keeping these elements consistent will help present a professional look to your customers.Once you have your branding kit, at some point in time you’re going to need to make some changes. Depending on your design skills (and budget) you may want to try to make the …read more

Making a Promise Keeps Customers Loyal

I love Amazon’s guarantees. I spend hundreds at Amazon every year. The handful of times I’ve had a problem, they have refunded my money without any trouble. They’re getting way more of my business than other online retailers solely because I trust them.Offering a guarantee may sound like a dangerous proposition for a small business, but quality assurances can offer major benefits to companies of all sizes. With a good guarantee, you can easily get all of the following benefits:Increased sales. When customers are hesitant about anything, they are much less likely to buy. A guarantee assures there’s …read more

Keep Customers Loyal by Offering Rewards

A great way to maintain loyalty, beyond offering great service and a great product, is by offering a rewards program. You probably belong to at least one rewards program, whether it’s a sandwich shop card, credit card points or a frequent flier program.Rewards programs work because everyone wants to be rewarded for doing something they enjoy doing anyway. Who says “no, I wouldn’t like a free sandwich now that I’ve bought my fifth one here?” There are a variety of different programs to choose from and I’m sure one of them can really help your company.• Frequency Cards. Create a card for customers to carry …read more

8 Virtually Free Ways to Market Your Business

All businesses need to advertise, but not all of them have the budget to do a full-fledged marketing campaign. Of those who can afford to advertise, many find they still cannot afford all the promotion they need. I imagine you, like most of us, are in one of these boats. Advertising is hard for small businesses. You don’t have a budget for much, especially non-essentials.Advertising is essential, but it can be relatively inexpensive. Here’s what can you do to advertise on a low or non-existent budget.• Spend time near your customers. Whether it’s online, a spa, a coffee shop or a sporting event, building a …read more

The Five Factors of A Successful Logo

How long does it take you to recognize the brands above? Less than a second, right? Logos are an important part of a brand’s image. They can be made up of initials, words, graphics, shapes or a combination of one or more of those aspects. Despite how different the logos themselves are, there are always five factors that apply to a strong logo.• Recognizable –If your logo contains text, make it readable. Your brand won’t be remembered if it can’t be read. Similarly, if your logo looks like another company’s, your customers will think of that brand when they see your advertising icon -a …read more

Creating a Slogan That Sticks

Do you still remember the cute old lady asking “where’s the beef?” That was one catchy slogan. It outlived the brand’s use of the slogan, just like “I’m Going To Disneyland.” An effective slogan can mean the difference between an advertisement being seen and being remembered. Here are some tips to help make your own “Got Milk?” or other timeless tag line.• Associative. Your tag line should represent your product or service in only a few words. The main benefit of what you are offering should somehow be invoked. “Maybe she’s born with it…Maybe it’s Maybelline,” emphasizes the …read more

Price Right Every Time

Sometimes, it is hard to decide how to price your products and services. It is easy to lower prices … but much harder to raise them. Do you think you are losing customers because of your prices? You might be right. After all, if you ask customers why they stopped buying they’ll almost always say price. But, it’s frequently something else. Before you start lowering prices and profits, there are some things you need to ask yourself.Are you offering the best customer experience? Are your employees friendly? Is your store clean and inviting? If your answers are yes, then what?• Discount smartly. …read more