Be Cool this Summer with Custom Koozies

custom-kooziesThe koozie is a popular sight at many summer BBQ’s, at the poolside, or down at the beach. As we glide past the Memorial Day weekend, enjoy 4th of July BBQ’s, and culminate with Labor Day festivities, the summertime activities of our nation are centered around food, fun, and good company. Warm days bring people together, move them outdoors, and necessitate cool drinks to keep everyone happy. The koozie is perfectly designed to accomplish two things – it keeps your cold drink icy, and it prominently displays a logo for all to see. While many of us use koozies with our favorite sports team logos or that of our favorite beverage …read more

The Top Seven Promotional Products That Can Make Your Business a Hit

Promotional ProductsYou know you need to market your brand with promotional products – now, which ones are the right items for your organization? The first concept to realize is that no marketing approach will fit all businesses. Ford doesn’t sell cars by adopting the same principles that has made Apple so successful. That said, the promotional giveaways that are typically exchanged at tradeshows and during sales calls must be engineered to make a lasting impact at a reasonable price. Here are seven items that are guaranteed to make statement at any event:

Pens – so simple, yet infinitely useful. Everybody seems to use one on a daily basis and when you find one that writes nicely, it creates brand loyalty. Investing in …read more

Make your presence known

Do you think your business is too small to be online? Other projects take priority because you think it’s going to be expensive and you need to find external resources to make it happen? You are not alone! A survey from Google/IPSOS found that 62% of businesses with less than 250 employees are not online in California alone. Don’t let that convince you it isn’t important.

Now is the most crucial time to make your presence online known! Get there before everyone else does and give yourself a marketing advantage. One in five* people are looking for local businesses to learn more about them and use reviews to judge how customers value them. …read more

Keep on Learning

It sounds a bit odd to blog about reading blogs, but that’s just what I am going to do. When you are running a small business it is extremely helpful to learn from your peers to see how you can adapt their practices to grow your business. Everyone is so busy, head down with the day to day details that you can miss great ways to improve some aspect of your business.  Don’t recreate the wheel, designate some time daily or weekly to read what others in your industry are doing, or read marketing tips in fields that you might not be familiar with –  learn about online marketing, outside resources you may need, new tools in your industry, or changing needs of …read more

Are you ready for Super Bowl XLVII?

We’re in the final week of football season and what an exciting week it is!  We can’t wait to see the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers face off in New Orleans this Sunday.If you’re planning to watch the big game with friends, here are some great recipes to make planning your gathering a breeze.  Old Bay chicken wings – a Baltimore twist on a football favorite – A San Francisco favorite rolls – easy finger food and less mess – If you can’t get to New Orleans, you can pretend you’re there.’t forget party favors for your guests!  Check out our line of customizable NFL products, …read more

Protect yourself and your customers

Flu season has hit hard and early this year.  Wreaking havoc on the majority of the US already with the worst yet to come.    There are easy suggestions to avoid getting sick – we have heard them all before but soon forget.  Wash your hands, avoid touching your face and mouth, and getting some moderate exercise.  Also, It has been proven that exercise can strength your immune system so  you stay healthy.  Just remember, gyms are teeming in germs so bring hand sanitizer to protect yourself when you are there.

Check out the article from CNN –

If you are looking for a product your customers would appreciate – Get them  Hand …read more

Small Business Saturday Tips

Small Business Saturday is almost here!  This Saturday, November 24, marks the 3rd annual day that this event will be held.  As small business owners, planning and developing ways to effectively enhance your business image is a vital process in attracting and procuring customers during this day.

Inform the Customer, Raise Awareness.  Letting people know that Small Business Saturday is on November 24, or this Saturday, is crucial.  Many people are aware of national events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but being that Small Business Saturday is only in its third year, they still might be unaware.  When customers come into your store during this week, let them know that the event …read more

Small Business Saturday!

November 24, 2012 is a day dedicated towards showing our support for small business nationwide.  Small Businesses create more jobs and opportunities than any other business in the nation.With the support of American Express, last year over one hundred million people came together and dedicated their efforts shopping “small.” National Pen recognizes that the majority of our customers are in fact small businesses.  Whether you need promotional tools, items for giveaways, or products to highlight your small business, let us serve you with all your needs!  Come visit us @National Pen …read more

Stay Positive!

October is Positivity Month.  Looking for some ways to stay on top and be more efficient?  Here are some ideas to manage energy and promote positivity:

The Power of a Good Night Sleep.  While days generally consist of long hours at work followed by trying to complete tasks afterwards, many people underestimate just how important sleep plays in the energy that we have.  According to the American Psychological Association, 40% of adults suffer from daytime sleepiness a few days a month, and another 20% suffer a few days a week as a result of their sleep habits.  This reduces energy, well-being, and ultimately causes daily activities to hinder as a result.  By aiming to average at least …read more