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Tech Promotional Items & Gadgets

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Recently Viewed Products:

Span 1200 mAh Power Bank - 5v (TEC-11862)
50 for $3.99 ea
50 for $199.50
Mini Thunder Pop Up Audio Speaker (TEC-11136)
18 for $12.62 ea
18 for $227.16
Computer Power Sweeper/Screen Cleaner (TEC-11158)
250 for $1.50 ea
250 for $375.00
Bluetooth Speaker and Tablet Stand (TEC-11262)
25 for $19.77 ea
25 for $494.25
Sky Light Stylus Pen (LWF)
50 for $2.09 ea
50 for $104.50
Go Touch Free
Assorted Colors
Stealth USB Flash Drive - 2GB (TEC-11431)
25 for $7.56 ea
25 for $189.00
Deluxe Shelby Laser Engraved Pen with Stylus (WRT-11226)
50 for $1.79 ea
50 for $89.50
Go Touch Free
UL Power Bank and Sound Combo Set with Custom Box (TEC-11484)
50 for $25.56 ea
50 for $1,278.00
Full Color
Execu-Buddy Card and Media Stand (TEC-11264)
100 for $4.65 ea
100 for $465.00
8GB Promotional USB Flash Drive (LLQ)
15 for $5.09 ea
15 for $5.39 ea
15 for $76.35
15 for $80.85
USB Type C Adapter Cord - Full Color (TEC-11505)
100 for $4.52 ea
100 for $452.00
Full Color
Full Color Inkjet Iridescent Basilia Stylus Pen (AEQ)
100 for $0.83 ea
100 for $83.00
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Assorted Colors
of 48

New, Now, Wow Promotional Gadgets

People are always on the go these days, which makes tech promotional items the perfect way to advertise your business. Just read about this staggering stat: the average person makes approximately 8,000 public texts and calls a year. That’s 8,000 chances to get your logo exposure, whether your tech giveaway is a portable charger, stylus pen, or ear buds.

The Power of Portable Chargers

When it comes to technology promotional items, portable chargers are a bestseller. And for good reason—they’re affordable, useful, and have plenty of room for your logo and contact info. Customers and prospects will always remember your name when you get them out of having the dreaded dead battery!

Our tech giveaway pick is the USB Car Charger, which comes in plenty of colors and is compatible with most devices. Just read this review from Eric, "I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the device. The nice people at National Pen did a great job putting our company logo on the unit as well. Very satisfied with the finished product. Great prices too." We're so happy you loved your personalized gadgets!

Musical Must-Have Tech Promotional Giveaways

Face the music: earbuds, headphones, and speakers are always fun promotional gadgets to pass out. They can range from higher-end items for gifts to more accessible items for giveaways at tradeshows. If you’re looking for something affordable, we suggest an earphone organizer that will help them keep it all together. Looking to really impress? Then a laser-engraved Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect choice.

We can’t want to customize your tech promotional items—and remember, you’re always backed by our One-Year Quality Guarantee!