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Promotional Cell Phone Stands

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Prodigy Light-Up Pen and Stylus Tip (PLP)
50 for $1.49 ea
50 for $1.75 ea
50 for $74.50
50 for $87.50
Go Touch Free
Zoom® Gridlock Bluetooth Keyboard (TEC-11360)
10 for $74.98 ea
10 for $749.80
Full Color
Soft Touch Asha Pen with Phone Stand (MKM)
50 for $1.39 ea
50 for $69.50
4 Port Round USB Hub with Phone Stand (TEC-11664)
100 for $3.15 ea
100 for $315.00
MopToppers® Phone Holder (TEC-11544)
50 for $3.47 ea
50 for $173.50
Bottle Opener/Phone Stand Keychain (AUT-11149)
250 for $0.84 ea
250 for $210.00
Cell-A-Lounger (TEC-11754)
240 for $1.75 ea
240 for $420.00
Stand-Out Phone Holder (TEC-12471)
250 for $0.99 ea
250 for $247.50
PopSockets® with Mount (TEC-11815)
50 for $11.09 ea
50 for $554.50
PopSockets® - 1 Color (TEC-11816)
100 for $6.98 ea
100 for $698.00
Aluminum PopSockets® with Mount (TEC-11817)
50 for $14.98 ea
50 for $749.00
MopToppers® Eye-Popping Phone Stand (TEC-11764)
150 for $3.04 ea
150 for $456.00
of 4

When choosing a promotional gift to help increase your brand recognition, as well as strengthen relationships with your customers and community members, you'll want to get the most leverage from your investment. With only so many dollars to spend on advertising and customer appreciation, you need your promotional gift choice to be useful, clever and an attention-getting hook to your current and prospective clients.

Capture your market by giving a gift that works as an accessory to the item your clients use the most - their cell phones. Custom cell phone stands are the ideal promotional gift - they are items that can be used daily and will boldly display your company information and branding. You will be front and center in your customers' minds, as they appreciate the functionality and useful nature of your gift.

With many different options for cell phone stands - with varying price points, we can help you find the selection that best matches your business and the needs of your employees, clients, and prospective business contacts. Different features in our promotional cell phone stands can help you decide which line is your perfect fit. All stands include customizable printing of your company information, logo, or branding. A wide range of color choices allows you to match the color theme of your company ¿ or you can choose a selection of colors for greater marketing flexibility.

At National Pen, our goal is to partner with your business and work together to generate growth and bottom line results for your company. Let us help you gain a wider professional reach and build longer lasting relationships, all through the simple concept of gift giving. More than just an advertisement - we'll help you show your customers how much you appreciate them and how much you're invested in your professional relationship.

While gearing up for your next trade show or sales campaign, take advantage of our volume-pricing plan. Simply put, the more you order, the lower your unit cost. With a 100% quality guarantee, you can shop with confidence. If you aren't completely satisfied, you can return the unused portion of your order for replacement or refund. At National Pen - your image is our business!