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Custom Headphones & Earbuds

Music to Their Ears
Turn up the volume on your advertising with promotional headphones and earbuds.
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Recently Viewed Products:

Mini Ear Buds (TEC-11202)
100 for $1.88 ea
100 for $188.00
Ear-A-Biners Earbud Case (TEC-11731)
125 for $2.47 ea
125 for $308.75
Full Color
Incline Earbuds Holder with Phone Stand (TEC-11640)
250 for $2.27 ea
250 for $567.50
Jellybean Earbuds (TEC-11406)
125 for $4.08 ea
125 for $510.00
Color Pop Earbuds with Microphone (TEC-11386)
50 for $3.99 ea
50 for $199.50
Full Color
3-In-1 Tech Travel Kit (TEC-11508)
100 for $8.79 ea
100 for $879.00
Wireless Earbuds in Square Case (TEC-11788)
50 for $10.53 ea
50 for $526.50
Zipper Case with Mic Earphones (TEC-11552)
100 for $2.99 ea
100 for $299.00
Earbuds with Case (TEC-11167)
250 for $1.09 ea
250 for $272.50
Retro Retractable Ear Buds (TEC-11216)
100 for $2.46 ea
100 for $246.00
Super Pump Bluetooth Earbuds (TEC-11846)
50 for $16.61 ea
50 for $830.50
Color Pop Earbuds (TEC-11385)
50 for $2.03 ea
50 for $101.50
of 2

Personalized Headphones Are Marketing Must-Haves

When it comes to choosing the right promotional product for your business, the first considerations that often come to mind are budget and effectiveness. Custom earbuds hit on both goals!

We offer options for modest to extravagant budgets, and well, when it comes to their effectiveness, just think of all the places earbuds and headphones travel. Your logo will be seen at the beach, gym, grocery store, you name it.

Promotional headphones are also winners because of all the different styles available. Let’s take a look and find which one works best for your company.

First up, custom headphones with your logo that feature Bluetooth technology.

Custom Logo Bluetooth Headphones

Promotional Bluetooth headphones are great for those who want to go wire-free and enjoy the secure feeling that headphones offer. With Bluetooth, you’re able to play music and control the volume without the use of a phone.

We have an array of custom logo Bluetooth headphones, including some that fold up for travel to go for 10 hours without a charge. And, as always, we make sure your logo is displayed front and center so it gets the visibility you deserve.

Promotional Earbuds of All Types

For those who are looking for a lighter feel, personalized earbuds are our pick. They’re also a great option if you’re hoping for the most bang for your buck, as we feature many under $3 each.

Custom Earbuds That Come with a Case

We get it—those darn earbud cords can get tangled in a second inside purses, bags, and backpacks. That’s where cases save the day. From pouches to cases with carabiners, our promotional earbuds will never leave your customers in a bunch.

Know why cases are also awesome? They provide great real estate for your logo!

Unique Personalized Earbuds

Earbuds provide a lot of impressions naturally, but when you want to go above and beyond, we have a few unique options to take a gander at.

First up is the Incline Earbuds Holder with Phone Stand. Not only does it come with earbuds, but also a custom-printed earphone holder that doubles as a phone stand. Count ‘em up—that’s three gifts in one!

Part earbuds, part stress reliever, the Little Guy Wired Novelty Earbuds are an instant conversation starter—and isn’t the goal to get people talking about your company?

We quickly mentioned the Customized Ear-A-Biners Earbud Case above, but this one bears repeating. Prospects and customers will find custom earbuds inside the sturdy case that hooks easily onto bags, purses, and most everything, thanks to the carabiner. The carabiner case also has plenty of room for your logo or company name.

Custom Logo Bluetooth Earbuds

Last but definitely not least, we have promotional Bluetooth earbuds. As a refresher, Bluetooth is great for those who don’t want pesky wires flying about, and earbuds are designed to be so lightweight you almost forget they’re there.

If you’re really looking to impress, we recommend personalizing the Micro True Wireless Earbuds & Powercase. The earbuds are ergonomically designed and can be used for two hours of playback time. But the real star here is the carrying case that doubles as a charging station. It can charge the earbuds from 0 to 100 percent two times before it needs a charge. This is a key for your on-the-go customers!

Or how about promotional wireless earbuds that go over the ears? The Super Pump Bluetooth Earbuds have an ear hook design that keeps them comfortably in place during workouts, commutes, and long flights.

Your Promotional Headphones Are Backed by Our One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Whether you choose custom headphones or promotional earbuds, you can rest assured that you’re covered by our One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee. What does that mean, exactly? Well, if your order isn’t produced exactly to your specifications, simply return the unused portion and we’ll replace the full order or provide a refund up to one year after the ship date.