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Custom Portable Chargers

Power Your Promotions
Never leave your
customers without a charge.
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Compact Rectangular USB A/C Adapter (TEC-11495)
100 for $4.74 ea
100 for $474.00
Cupertino Powerbank Wall Charger (TEC-11767)
25 for $27.54 ea
25 for $688.50
UL Power Bank and Sound Combo Set with Custom Box (TEC-11484)
50 for $25.56 ea
50 for $1,278.00
Full Color
Charge Up Combo Set with Custom Box (TEC-11485)
50 for $28.24 ea
50 for $1,412.00
Full Color Multi-Color
UL Listed Portable Charger with Key Ring (TEC-11514)
100 for $8.03 ea
100 for $803.00
Power Up Power Bank (TEC-11515)
50 for $16.68 ea
50 for $834.00
Zoom® Energy Rally 6,000 mAh Power Bank (TEC-11794)
6 for $34.98 ea
6 for $209.88
USB Car Charger (LTU)
25 for $2.06 ea
25 for $2.29 ea
25 for $51.50
25 for $57.25
UL Listed Round Metal Charger (TEC-11517)
50 for $9.98 ea
50 for $499.00
Jolt Premium Power Kit (TEC-11806)
12 for $20.40 ea
12 for $244.80
UL Certified Dual USB AC Adaptor (TEC-11556)
13 for $9.31 ea
13 for $121.03
Claremont Powerbank Portfolio (TEC-11736)
50 for $46.49 ea
50 for $2,324.50
of 6

What’s the Most Useful Giveaway Ever? The Promotional USB Charger.

Strong statement? Sure. One we’re prepared to defend? You know it.

First, let us state that the use of cellphones and electronic devices is so popular that it’s rare to find a person who doesn’t use one. This makes personalized phone chargers an easy and effective way to get your company’s logo and information in front of people every day.

Second, and this is a big one—helping customers or prospects out of a bind goes a long way. We’ve all felt the onset of a slight panic upon finding ourselves low on battery and without a charger. Be the hero and eliminate this issue by handing out custom portable phone chargers. We can see that goodwill going a long way.

Is There a Difference Between Power Banks and Portable Chargers?

Short answer: no. Long answer: a custom portable charger is a type of a power bank, so the terms are often used interchangeably. You’ll find that different cultures use one term over the other—in China, they’re called power banks, and in the United States, portable chargers more often than not.

Do You Offer Any Out-of-the-Ordinary Custom Portable Phone Chargers?

We don’t pick favorites here at National Pen, but we do have a few standouts in the personalized phone charger category, thanks to their innovative features. These are sure to get your name out and about in the world!

The Portable Charger & Mini USB Fan Combo gets a shout-out because of its ability to save the day in two ways: first with its charger and second with its USB fan.

If you’re in the travel business, we love the idea of giving out the Universal Travel Adapter to clients and prospects. It has adapters for US, UK, EU, and AU electrical outlets. They’ll never be without a charge wherever they go, all thanks to you.

The Custom Basecamp™ Explorer Power Bank Flashlight is a lifesaver during a power outage. Not only is it a flashlight, but the 5V USB power bank on the bottom also keeps electronic devices charged.

How Can I Order Custom Portable Chargers?

We’re excited that you’re excited about getting your very own promotional USB chargers! We’d be happy to help you customize your order, whether you do that here on our website or through one of our experienced Customer Care Reps. Give them a call at 1-866-900-7367 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST.