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Promotional Selfie Sticks & Custom Mini Selfie Sticks

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Personalize Selfie Sticks & Accessories with Your Logo

It is hard to go almost anywhere these days without seeing someone taking a selfie, or self-portrait, of themselves - in front of a famous landmark, with friends, or simply in a beautiful natural setting. These selfies are often posted on social media sites or sent as quick pictures among friends, and they are perfect for updating friends and family while on the go. Taking a selfie has become somewhat of an art form, and those who want to create truly memorable pictures tend to use what is called a selfie stick. These extendable sticks are designed to hold either a smart phone or small camera, and they provide the perfect distance needed to create well-composed pictures.

If you are looking for the perfect promotional marketing gift to help your business or organization, take advantage of the fervor around these handy little tech gadgets by ordering a batch of custom selfie sticks today. You'll position your business for success when you deliver a customized, promotional selfie stick to your top clients and high-value prospects. They'll not only appreciate the thoughtful gift, but they'll glance at your logo or marketing message every time they prepare to snap a photo - and that is the true value behind these incredible promotional gifts. Choose from selfie stick models that use the headphone jack on a smart phone to trigger the photo to those that simply hold the smart phone at the appropriate distance and angle and rely on the phone's built-in photo timer. You can even create customized Bluetooth snapshot remotes to provide an additional way for selfie aficionados to create better photos.

To place your order of promotional selfie sticks, start out by choosing the specific model that will help you to grow your business most effectively. You can opt for a large order of one type or select smaller quantities of a variety of selfie sticks to add flexibility to your marketing efforts. Once you have selected the appropriate item, simply contact us directly or click on the blue customize button on the individual product pages to start the process. We will begin by gathering your choice of customized imprint - so create a compelling and memorable marketing or advertising message that will help you capture the attention of your target audience. You can include a slogan, your business contact information, your logo, or anything that you feel will help to drive business. Next, choose an order quantity that will help support your present and future marketing needs - keeping in mind that our volume discount program enables you to reduce the unit cost of each selfie stick as your order quantity increases. Once we receive your completed order request we will get to work quickly and prepare your batch of promotional selfie sticks for shipping in a matter of days.

We are excited to partner with you to create a personalized order of promotional marketing gifts such as selfie sticks that will help you to more effectively grow your business - one photo at a time. As always, enjoy risk-free shopping with our 100% quality guarantee and take confidence in our decades of legendary service within the promotional marketing field. Contact us today to place your order for promotional selfie sticks!