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Promotional Speakers

The Sound of Success
From Bluetooth to keychain, these speakers are primed for your logo.
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Recently Viewed Products:

Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker (TEC-11392)
5 for $60.91 ea
5 for $304.55
Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker (TEC-12114)
25 for $10.65 ea
25 for $266.25
Waterproof Shower Speaker (TEC-11665)
50 for $15.42 ea
50 for $771.00
Mini Thunder Pop Up Audio Speaker (TEC-11136)
18 for $12.62 ea
18 for $227.16
Bluetooth Speaker and Tablet Stand (TEC-11262)
25 for $19.77 ea
25 for $494.25
UL Power Bank and Sound Combo Set with Custom Box (TEC-11484)
50 for $25.56 ea
50 for $1,278.00
Full Color
Aria Portable Wireless Speaker - Full Color (TEC-11650)
25 for $67.83 ea
25 for $1,695.75
Full Color
Pebble Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (TEC-11813)
12 for $24.35 ea
12 for $292.20
Prism Bluetooth Speaker (TEC-11319)
50 for $23.17 ea
50 for $1,158.50
Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (TEC-12110)
10 for $66.23 ea
10 for $662.30
Silicone Speaker with Phone Stand (TEC-11206)
50 for $14.84 ea
50 for $742.00
Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (TEC-11559)
18 for $12.42 ea
18 for $223.56
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Why Are Promotional Bluetooth Speakers the Jam?

If you ask us (and it looks like you did), a promo speaker is an ideal way to advertise your business. Let’s set the scene—your prospects or customers are at the park and having a good time. But then they remember the logo speaker you gave them, and a good time turns into a great one. Basically, your logo is going to be wherever the party is. And that’s a good place to be.

How Do We Customize Speakers with Your Company Logo?

We expect promotional Bluetooth speakers to get used a lot and weather some decent wear and tear. Ours are built to stand up to whatever you throw at them, and that includes your logo. The last thing we want is for your logo to rub off! Some of our promo speakers are even laser-engraved, which offers a long-lasting imprint and professional look.

And Do We Offer Waterproof Promo Speakers?

You know it! We offer two types of waterproof logo speakers, actually—one made for outdoor use and one made specifically for the shower. The Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is small enough to travel anywhere, but large enough to project sound at the beach, lake, or wherever your adventures may take you. If you’re looking for one that’s made for the shower, our Waterproof Shower Speaker is extra handy thanks to its large suction cup that can be mounted to smooth surfaces.

And what do we love most about these promotional speakers? The fact that your business name and logo will be front and center wherever the speakers go.