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Cirrus Promotional Pens

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Studies show that customized, promotional marketing pens may change hands more than eight times over the life of the pen. When you consider the cost of the average promotional pen, this is an incredibly low price to deliver that level of exposure. Promotional pens are used frequently, are displayed in quite public places (like pen cups, which provide terrific brand exposure), and are incredibly affordable compared to other promotional giveaway items. One of the most affordable options on the market today is the complete line of Cirrus pens.

These pens are available in four unique versions, each one sporting a distinctive style and design. The great part is, each line has the same unit cost - allowing you to determine which style will best suit the needs of your organization, without worrying about any price differences.

Executive Cirrus Pen - This line of Cirrus pens offers a shapely body, vibrant colors on the barrel of the pen, and a crisp white stripe on the pen body that contrasts beautifully with up to 30 characters per line of text. These pens write wonderfully and are available starting at just 27-cents each!

Standard Cirrus Pen - This pen is anything but standard. With a smooth pen body that offers a natural, comfortable grip profile, beautiful color contrasting on the pen body, and a terrific price point, there is nothing basic about this pen. You'll be able to screen-print whatever logo or advertisement you'd like on your new series of promotional marketing pens.

Fashion Cirrus Pen - This option delivers a similarly sleek body as the executive and standard pen, but is available with a variety of fashionable trim colors as standard. Orange, purple, blue, green, pink, or an assortment of other colors is available to reinforce the high-fashion message of this pen.

Tropical Cirrus Pen - If you've decided that a Cirrus pen is the perfect foundation for your next marketing adventure, consider the Tropical Cirrus pen. This series forgoes the white barrel and complementary colors of the other Cirrus lines and replaces the barrel with a bright pink, green, yellow, or orange color theme. If you own a business that could maximize exposure through use of a brightly colored pen, this is the answer! And, with prices starting as low as 27-cents per pen, you really can't go wrong with the Tropical Cirrus pen.

The entire Cirrus Pen line is classically proportioned, ergonomically designed, and perfect for the marketing department that wants to deliver maximum impact for as little money as possible. These pens are ready to accept up to four lines of text, with up to 30 characters per line - perfect for your company's logo or slogan. Contact National Pen today to learn more about the entire line of Cirrus Pens.