• Colorama Pens - Full color designs on a low-cost click pen

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    Colorama pens offer full-scale color graphics of all kinds to be imprinted on the body. The four-stage imprinting process creates stunning and dynamic colors. Ideal for high-intensity graphics, these traditional click pens are still economical. Here are a few variations in our selection of colorama pens:

    Colorama: Our standard colorama pens come with your choice of black or white trim. High-color graphics are imprinted on the barrel.

    Sparkler: The colorama sparkler adds a holographic hue to seven different barrel colors. Your company logo or text comes in white. All trim is black.

    Extreme: When you want to match the trim color to your text or logo, then choose the colorama extreme. With over 300 color combinations, you'll find something to suit your business. All barrels come in white.

    Deluxe: The deluxe colorama pen adds chrome trim to the points and ends. Also, it comes with a comfort grip to make writing easier. Both the clip and comfort grip come in black only. You still get a full range of dynamic colors for your imprint or logo.

    Deluxe with Color Grip: Like the deluxe above, these pens come with chrome trim and comfort grips. However, you can also match the color of the grip and clip to your logo or text.

    Deluxe with Super Glide LV Ink: These deluxe colorama pens come with our proprietary Super Glide LV Ink. Enjoy the smooth delivery and effortless flow with each glide of the pen. This new ink technology makes writing a breeze, and the lines are bold and dynamic.

    Sloan: The Sloan colorama pen is much like the deluxe version. However, the clip comes in a more conservative style. You can still imprint the pen with the full range of our four-step color printing process.

    Cortez: The Cortez colorama pen is more metropolitan and modern in the design of the clip. As with the Sloan, it still comes with dynamic color printing, chrome accents and a comfort grip.

    We guarantee all our customized colorama pens to meet your specifications and be free of defects. Get started by choosing a style you like. Then, click the customize button to preview your text or logo on the pen.