• Personalized Planners

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    Personalized planners and diaries will provide all of your clients and business associates with an effective way to keep track of appointments, jot down important information while on the go and stay organized year-round. At National Pen, we're proud to offer promotional planner diaries designed to meet your business's marketing, outreach and public relations needs. These high-value products are prized by consumers because they can fit into a purse or briefcase and are truly useful. Business professionals also enjoy using personalized planner diaries to keep track of important meetings and events related to their professional lives.

    Beautiful, deluxe Crocodile weekly planners make ideal giveaway items. Reserve them for your loyal customers and for those business associates whom you truly want to impress. You can also choose the classy Statesman weekly planner, complete with pen, for your most important business associates. These items are made from high-quality materials and are designed to endure the wear and tear of daily life. However, they're also offered at great prices so that you can afford to give the best in promotional planner diaries to all of your customers and associates without worrying about breaking the bank.

    Simple and classic, budget monthly planners are ideal for tradeshows and community-wide events. These simple planners can be used to jot down appointments and ideas or simply as an on-the-go calendar. Thanks to their affordability, these planner diaries can be given away freely at your office or place of business. Make a big impact on customers by sending a new monthly planner to them at the end of each year. You'll find a variety of sale planner diaries at National Pen that are designed to meet your demands while offering the utmost in value.

    Personalized planners can make a big statement about your business. They'll communicate that you value the time that your customers and business associates put into your enterprise. They'll also provide a convenient reminder of your products and services to your clients, no matter where they are.