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When it comes to creating a powerful and highly effective promotional marketing campaign, it pays to outfit your sales and marketing team with an assortment of promo gifts, giveaway items, and customized merchandise - after all, creating visibility for your brand is the name of the game. But what happens when you're presented with a last minute marketing opportunity, and you haven't yet stocked up on the appropriate promotional gifts? The answer is - our wide variety of always-in-stock promotional marketing gifts.

For high-volume sales or marketing events, like a tradeshow, conference, or even a mailing campaign, consider a batch of our best-selling, and always in stock, Colorama pens. These promotional pens are value-priced, available for quick shipping right to your front door, and they can be customized with your choice of promotional message, advertisement, logo, or anything else that you feel will add value to your gift. These pens are incredibly effective - and they're always in stock!

If you're looking for a custom gift that is even more affordable than the Colorama pen - and can really help you to "attract" the right kind of attention, consider our assortment of full color magnets. These compact promotional gifts feature a full color design that is printed on a heavyweight paper base material. This custom package is then bonded to a powerful magnetic backer that will deliver years of dependable performance - all for pennies on the dollar.

Our assortment of promotional magnets ranges from simple square designs to intricately contoured shapes that evoke images of telephones, cars, food items, and more. Most can be fully customized with your choice of promotional message or graphics. Many clients choose to include their business contact information on their order of magnets so their business name, phone number, website, or physical location is always displayed prominently for the client to see. Whether you're considering a batch of promotional pens, custom magnets, or other promo gifts, our assortment of always-in-stock items will help you to gear up quickly for any upcoming sales or marketing opportunity.

To get started, simply choose the promotional gift that you feel will help your business, then click on the blue customize button on each individual product page. You can also contact us directly for personalized assistance, if you prefer. To create your order, start by designing your custom imprint. Depending on the always-in-stock product you select, we will use a variety of imprint methods to bring your creation to life. Imprint styles and color choices vary by promotional gift, but you'll generally have several lines of text to work with. Once you've created your imprint, choose an order quantity that will support your upcoming sales and marketing needs. Keep in mind that most of our products feature our generous volume discount offer, which can dramatically reduce the unit cost of each promotional gift as the order quantity increases.

Upon receiving your completed order request, we will begin the customization process and then package your personalized batch of in-stock promo items for shipping in a matter of days. Contact us today to place your order, and get ready to watch your business grow with our always in stock, quick promotional items!