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Promotional Clips

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Landing Page - A - Kitchenware - NPC
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Magnetic Light Bar (QAH)
50 for $1.86 ea
50 for $2.19 ea
50 for $93.00
50 for $109.50
Assorted Colors
Flex Light with Magnet (FMV)
25 for $2.84 ea
25 for $2.99 ea
25 for $71.00
25 for $74.75
Assorted Colors
'Hold It' Magnetic Clip (FNH)
100 for $0.89 ea
100 for $89.00
Assorted Colors
Wide Rectangle Clip (OFF-11271)
100 for $1.21 ea
100 for $121.00
3” Bag Clip (HME-11119)
300 for $0.69 ea
300 for $207.00
Power Clip - Full Color (HME-11272)
250 for $1.19 ea
250 for $297.50
Full Color
House Shape Clip (EVT-11114)
250 for $1.25 ea
250 for $312.50
Binder Flip Clip (OFF-11128)
250 for $0.90 ea
250 for $225.00
Power Clip - One Color (HME-11271)
250 for $0.89 ea
250 for $222.50
Lighted Magnetic Gripper Pickup Tool (TLS-11237)
100 for $5.78 ea
100 for $578.00
Star Shape Clip (OFF-11190)
250 for $1.46 ea
250 for $365.00
Magnetic Pocket Light (TLS-11222)
100 for $4.88 ea
100 for $488.00
of 2

When you want to make sure that your brand becomes a household name among your most valuable clients, these personalized clips are a great way to do so. Completely versatile, these domestic necessities can be used in a variety of different ways. Whether put to use keeping potato chips fresh or for sealing a lunch bag, these promotional items are a household necessity. A popular item that is rapidly snatched up when handed out at trade shows, these great promotional items will ensure that your logo remains in front of your customer for many years to come.

Whether your customer keeps these imprinted clips in the break room at the office or takes them home to keep their snacks fresh, these products are always appreciated. Regardless of where they may put these clips to use, you can rest easy knowing that every time they reach for their favorite snacks, your logo will be there to remind them of your organization's merchandise and services.

Choose from a wide variety of customized clips to perfectly match your needs. Whether you need a fun, themed clip that will reflect the personality of your business or you are seeking something more traditional, there is an affordable option available that is certain to help you gain the exposure you need for your business. There are even miniature-sized options available that are ideal for helping your clients keep their personal bags of snacks fresh and secure. Whatever the color, size or shape you may need, these promotional clips are the ideal choice to keep your brand memorable. Add a crisp imprint to your favorite choice, and you have a winning promotional product.

The quality construction of these clips ensures that they will still be in use years from now as they remind your prospects and clients of your professionalism.