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Custom Golf Towels

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We know that the ultimate goal of sending promotional giveaway items to your customers and clients is to increase brand recognition, further your market penetration, and increase sales. In a word - you're looking to make some green by sending out promotional items. Since this is the case, it makes sense to look at "the green" when you're ready to make an impact this year. The green refers to the golfing world, of course - and there is simply no way to deny the incredibly lucrative and powerful world of golf. Both business men and women enjoy golf, and promotional marketing items that tie into this popular pastime will certainly find their way to the green. The power of your logo being visibly positioned among those who represent the many levels of business today is undeniable.

Golf towels come in handy for a variety of cleaning tasks on the golf course. First, there is always the possibility of grass, mud, and water splashing onto a golfer during the course of a round of golf. Golf towels help you "spot clean" yourself, and prevent muddy cheeks, grassy hair, and other hazards of the game that are all too common among those who spend hours on the green. Golf towels are also used to clean golf clubs, club shafts, and to remove mud or grassy build up on the driver grooves. Golf towels are a necessary tool for those who have decided to invest their time in this fun and challenging game.

Now, through National Pen's extensive golf supplies page, you'll be able to order customized golf towels that can be screen printed with your choice of logo and up to eight lines of text or information. Imagine the power of your company's information front and center on the golf towels that your clients or prospects are using during their next round. With National Pen's volume discount and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you'll be able to shop with the confidence that your next golf towel purchase will be exactly what you're looking for. Contact us today at 866.900.PENS (7367) for more information or to begin placing your order for beautiful, customized golf towels. You'll be glad you did!