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    • Customized Handy Dandy Screwdriver Tool

      Handy Dandy Screwdriver Tool

      As low as $0.85 each!

    • Customized Round Pencil

      Round Pencil

      As low as $0.14 each!

    • Customized Illuminating Screwdriver Pen

      Illuminating Screwdriver Pen

      As low as $2.19 each!

    • Customized Tool Box Pen

      Tool Box Pen

      As low as $1.44 each!

    • Customized Caravan 6 Function Pocket Knife

      Caravan 6 Function Pocket Knife

      As low as $2.19 each!

    • Customized Magnetic Light Bar

      Magnetic Light Bar

      As low as $1.95 each!

    • Customized Tape-A-Matic Key Tag

      Tape-A-Matic Key Tag

      As low as $0.54 each!

    • Customized Tool and Light Key Chain

      Tool and Light Key Chain

      As low as $1.46 each!

    Shop Promotional Tape Measures, Screwdrivers & More Tools

    In choosing the right promotional product for your next giveaway or marketing campaign, it is important to choose one that will be used frequently and is universally appealing. Customized tools fit the bill nicely. Not only are these items that people will actually want to receive, but their usefulness ensures that they will still be around and providing your company with exposure for a long time to come.

    Choose from a wide array of personalized tools to find a product that fits both your budget and the message you want to send to prospective clients. Are you involved in the construction industry? If so, then a carpenter pencil imprinted with the name of your business could be just the right product. Pocket tool kits are a great choice for any industry and are certain to be welcomed with pleasure by any client or prospect. Tape measures and flashlights are items that anyone can find handy.

    No matter which of these custom tools you choose, when you add your name and logo in an eye-catching color, you can be assured that your organization's exposure will be increased. Unlike many other promotional items that are likely to be tossed aside quickly or used infrequently, these high-quality tools are items that people will find to be constantly useful. Each time your prospect needs to illuminate a dark situation with one of your customized LED flashlights or needs to pull out your tape measure for an accurate measurement, your name and logo will be front and center.

    The highly affordable price per item of these tools makes it easy for you to hand one out to everyone who passes by your trade show booth without concerns about exceeding your budget. Regardless of what your target demographic may be, these tools will help you build your brand.