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Promotional Briefcases & Custom Messenger Bags

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Excel Briefcase (BAG-13112)
96 for $6.99 ea
96 for $671.04
Full Color
Quill Meeting Briefcase (BAG-12023)
38 for $8.79 ea
38 for $334.02
Heather Briefcase (BAG-12829)
72 for $7.85 ea
72 for $565.20
Messenger Bag (BAG-11315)
25 for $20.49 ea
25 for $512.25
Excel Briefcase (BAG-12021)
48 for $6.99 ea
48 for $335.52
Buckle 15" Computer Briefcase (BAG-12012)
50 for $11.09 ea
50 for $554.50
Tech Computer Briefcase (BAG-13023)
10 for $50.21 ea
10 for $502.10
High Sierra® Integral Wheeled Computer Briefcase (BAG-13110)
6 for $201.07 ea
6 for $1,206.42
Kapston™ Stratford Business Briefcase (BAG-13029)
10 for $67.14 ea
10 for $671.40
Double Curve Business Briefcase (BAG-13100)
48 for $8.81 ea
48 for $422.88
Full Color
Briefcase (BAG-11154)
25 for $9.36 ea
25 for $234.00
Business Messenger Bag (BAG-11127)
25 for $11.81 ea
25 for $295.25
of 3

Promote Your Brand with Customized Briefcases & Messenger Bags

Advertising is crucial to boosting your company's image, so it is important to take advantage of as much exposure as possible. Promotional briefcases are a great way to demonstrate your appreciation to valued clients while at the same time providing your company with much-needed marketing. Taking advantage of this highly effective opportunity begins by selecting the business bag that is the right choice for your needs. Whether you are in need of a messenger bag or a briefcase to impress your clients, there are plenty of options available that will represent your company with professionalism.

The ample amount of space available on these bags makes it possible to put your logo on display in full color. By ordering these promotional briefcases online, you can save both time and money and make certain these bags are ready to hand out at conferences and events.

Competition can often be strong at events such as tradeshows. You only have a few moments to make a favorable impression on prospective clients. At the same time, you must make certain your company stands out from the many others vying for attention from tradeshow attendees. A great way to do this is to present your recipients with an item that is valuable and that they will use frequently.

Not only will these bags increase your branding exposure with your recipients, but they will also be seen on public transportation while your recipient commutes to work, out on the streets while they walk to work and even in the office. Anywhere your recipient takes one of these custom imprinted briefcases, you can rest assured your company name and logo will be seen.

In choosing the right custom briefcase, it is important to choose an item that is constructed of the highest quality materials. Any personalized item that you hand out is a representation of your company. These durable briefcases for sale are built to last and can be trusted to provide your recipients with years of use and your company with years of branding exposure. Although representing the highest quality, the affordable price will help you to keep your budget in check.