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National Pen and BIC Pens Review

If you like Bic® Pens, You'll Love these National Pen Favorites. Plus enjoy factory-direct pricing!

At National Pen, we understand that it is important to strike a balance between purchasing top quality pens, while appropriately managing the overall cost of the pen purchase. Often, if you're selecting an allotment of cheap personalized pens it can be tempting to skimp on quality to net big savings. While sticking to your budget when purchasing promotional pens is important, you'll want to ensure that you keep quality in mind.

Many of us have used and enjoyed BIC brand pens for years. While BIC promotional pens are a great choice if you're looking to build a highly effective marketing campaign, custom BIC pens often command a price premium versus less established brands. At National Pen, we offer a complete line of customizable writing pens that will surely make a positive and lasting impact with your clients and prospects. To make your purchasing decision easier (and more economical!) we've included a pen comparison chart that shows matching pairs of pens - one BIC brand pen and a corresponding National Pen branded item.

We're sure that you'll love our pen review chart - so use it often to find the absolute best value in custom promotional pens on the market today. If you're seeking a basic roller ball pen you'll find two choices - the venerable BIC Round Stic at around 34 cents each, or a comparable National Pen Superball pen at just 15 cents per pen. The National Pen option delivers a tremendous value in a high quality pen - fully customizable and available in a variety of colors to highlight your logo or design.

The National Pen Contour Pen delivers another example of the savings that are available through National Pen branded products. If you're a fan of the BIC Widebody, you'll find that the National Pen Contour pen delivers a similar barrel design, textured, no-slip grip, and smooth-writing roller tip. But at nearly half the cost of the Widebody, the Contour pen represents an incredible value in custom pens.

If you're looking to increase your market penetration, improve the visibility of your brand, and endear your customers and prospects to your business or organization, there is no better way than through custom promotional products. And now, you'll be able to stay within your budget and improve your return on investment with high quality, customizable solutions through National Pen.