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    Bold, striking, and the color of power, black is often used in marketing, décor, and fashion. Choosing to order your promotional products in black sends a specific message to your clients, prospective contacts, and your community. Understanding the psychology of color can help you to make the most effective color choice for more than just your promotional products, but also your overall company theme, logo, and branding.

    Scientifically, black is all colors. The light waves are completely absorbed, creating a lack of light. While some view black as menacing, black also represents sophistication, power, substance, and security. Often used as an accent, black pairs nicely with almost all colors, and is especially powerful when complimenting white.

    Marketing with black sends a message that you want to be taken seriously. Evoking images of refined sophistication, exclusivity, and culture, black is a powerful marketing choice. Major businesses who brand with black are: GILT, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, MAC, BeBe, and more. These are all brands that build around high-end luxury products, so it makes sense that these companies choose to use black in their branding.

    With countless black promotional pens and products in stock, we are fully equipped to gear you up for your next sales event or advertising campaign. Communicate a strong, luxurious, and sophisticated message to your business partners and prospective clients with our black promotional products, ranging from pens, mugs, sports bottles, ribbons, glasses, golf accessories, USB drives, tie clips, business card holders, calendars, bags, and much more! Browse through our site to find the products that best match your company image and target market.

    Order online, or call our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team to get started on your order today. With orders shipping within 7-10 business days, you will be geared up and ready to make a positive impression at your next trade show or company event.