Benefits of Internal Search Marketing

I really like using internal search on websites when I.m looking for information and even when I.m shopping. If you know what you are looking for, using a website.s search box is the way to go. You don.t have to waste your time clicking all over the site to discover that you can.t find what you went there to look for. How to execute a good internal search is a completely different subject from the benefits of it. Today I will just touch on the benefits.

Reviewing internal search on e-commerce websites provides great insight into what your customers are really looking for. It also helps you better understand the terminology that your customers may use, which can be different from what you think they use. Based off of this data, you can promote the most searched for products more prominently on your website. Maybe customers are looking for something they think you sell, but you currently don.t. This would be a good opportunity to introduce those products on your site. You can also use this data to change the language on your website. For example, if you are a supplier of coca-cola or pepsi products, you might label these products as .soda. or .pop.. However, if the majority of people on your site end up searching for the opposite of what you call it, then it is probably a good idea to change your language.

Another way internal search is beneficial to your marketing campaigns is that you can pass on what you learn from internal search to your paid search campaigns. Perhaps visitors are looking for something you never thought would receive so much interest or they are, like the above example, searching with different terminology. You can add these keywords to your paid search campaigns and bring traffic that you have been previously missing back to your site. You can also use the data to help think of permutations or other keyword ideas.

Internal search definitely provides an extremely useful set of data for your marketing needs. If you don.t have a search box on your site, you should consider it. If you do, don.t let it just be a tool for your customers, let it be a tool for you.

Image Courtesy of kiransnvk