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Benefits of Trade Shows and Conventions for Your Business

Not getting the visibility you need for your business to grow? Trade shows and conventions are an amazing way to grow your reach within your industry! Whether you want to reach out directly to your target audience, or are trying to make new connections with vendors and industry leaders, these events are designed to help small companies grow. Read on to learn the benefits of trade shows and conventions, as well as how best to take advantage of them for your business! 

Different Types of Visibility

What Are Trade Shows?

Trade shows are an excellent place to make connections with potential customers and clients while also gauging the competition. At a trade show, businesses show off their products and services with flashy booth displays, designed to impress potential buyers and investors. Trade shows will usually focus in on a specific industry, so you’ll have a chance to see what other companies just like you are doing to attract more business.  

One of the benefits of trade shows is that the attendees are people already interested in doing business within your industry. You can also find sponsors and vendors attending, making it the perfect place to generate leads and grow your visibility. 

Because trade shows are typically industry-specific, you can find relevant events and trade shows through your local guilds, unions, and by doing a web search on trade shows by industry and location. You can also host your own business trade show, which will earn your brand a premium spot in the event while also earning your revenue from attendance fees and vendor display fees. 

What Is a Convention?

Unlike a trade show, a convention is aimed less at selling and more on making connections within your industry. This is where companies surrounding a topic or industry will come together to discuss hot topics and issues related to their business. There will be speakers and presentations, but just like a trade show, there will also be vendor booths. You can also get a fair amount of lead generation at a conference, depending on your goals for attending. For example, if you sell office and school supplies, a teacher’s or other educational convention would be a great place to set up a display.  

One of the major benefits of networking events like these is that you can learn a great deal about developments happening in your industry and within your target audience by attending the educational events happening within a convention. Conventions often attract the more influential figures within an industry, making it a great place to learn and make business connections with other major players. 

Marketing Tips for Trade Shows and Conventions

Found a trade show or convention, but aren’t sure how to make the best out of the event? Here are some ways you can market your brand and grow within your industry. 

Set Up a Dazzling Booth

Convertible Table Cover 6-8′ – Full Color 

A great booth is key to making connections and marketing at trade shows and conventions. Not sure how to get set up? Start with the booth itself! Decorate with a branded table cover, add informative signage, and show off your products or services in style. Try attending other trade shows in advance to get ideas for how to best utilize what you have to attract new customers and clients. 

Offer Branded Swag

Let’s be real, one of the main benefits of attending networking events is the free swag! Make your booth the can’t-miss attraction of the trade show or convention with high quality gifts and giveaways. Not only will this attract people to your booth, but it will also ensure that prospective customers and clients go home with something exciting to remember you by. 

Be Actively Engaged

Don’t just sit in your seat and wait for the customers to flow in. Make sure you have someone out in the crowd with gifts, pamphlets, and other handouts to help direct people your way! This will ensure that no matter where your booth is located, you’ll get plenty of traffic. Actively engaging with customers and clients also helps you stand out from the competition in ways that is attractive to potential investors and high-profile clients. 

Do Market Research

Remember, you’re not the only one putting your best on display at a trade show! Take the time to explore other booths and displays. This will help you get a feel for your competition and get new ideas for how to promote your own business. You also might be able to make some friends within your own industry that can help you out in the future! 

Top Giveaways for Trade Shows and Conventions

Looking for some amazing swag to share with customers and clients? Here are some hot gifts that will make sure you’re remembered for all the right reasons. 

16 oz. Grande Big Sur Double-Wall Tumbler 

Staying hydrated is essential at any event. One way to make sure that everyone stops by your booth is to offer a refreshing drink of water or coffee in a trendy take-home travel tumbler. 

Engraved Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus® 

A stylish stylus pen is the perfect gift for any event, whether that’s a trade show, convention, or even a stand-alone sales booth! High-quality designs like these are designed to ensure your logo finds its way into your customers’ hands on a regular basis. 

Spiral Notebook with Pocket & Pen 

Conventions are all about learning, which makes them the perfect place to share a custom branded notebook and pen set. For attendees that didn’t come prepared, gift sets like these will ensure they don’t forget anything important during presentations, all while keeping your brand at the forefront of their convention experience. 

Everyday Commuter Drawstring Backpack 

When customers and clients are out gathering swag, they’ll need somewhere to keep it all! Make your logo the one that stays visible throughout their trade show and convention experience by offering drawstring backpacks and tote bags with your branding.  

Debossed Silicone Wristband 

Silicone wrist bands are a popular swag item for any event, and they’re a great way to ensure your customers remember you! Give visitors to your booth a way to show off their love for your logo with a custom wristband that they can show off throughout the entire event. 

Large Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars 

Visiting all those booths is hard work. Give your customers a sweet experience and a tasty snack with custom branded treats! Candy bars and other treats like these stimulate your customer’s memory through their taste buds, making you the booth they absolutely can’t forget. 

Full Color Koozie® britePix® Can Cooler 

Can coolers are an always-popular gift for any event. They’re collapsible, making them easy for booth visitors to take home and use, and insulated to protect their hands while carrying their drinks from booth to booth. You can also share them with a drink included, easily making your booth the new event favorite! 

Take full advantage of the benefits of trade shows and conventions offered in your area. The more you attend these events, the more your brand can grow within your industry! Make connections with customers, find new business partnerships, and learn more about how the competition works every time you make the effort to attend your industry events. 

Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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