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Best Tumblers of the Year: Best Stainless Steel, Tumblers with Straws & More of 2021

Updated 8/13/21

Wondering which are the best tumblers trending now? Take a look at all the favorites, from the best coffee tumblers to stainless steel & custom tumblers with straws!

How do you take your morning coffee? Sugar? Milk? In a stainless steel, vacuum sealed tumbler with a Tiffany blue powder coated matte finish? Yep, the tumblers we carry have become as much a part of our identity as our drink orders themselves. That’s why businesses love putting their logos on trendy custom tumblers. There’s no better way to become a part of your customer’s day than by letting your brand become a part of their brand. Let’s showcase the best tumblers to display your branding in style. But first…

Where Did the Word “Tumbler” Come From, Anyway?

There are two opposing theories about the etymology of the word “tumbler”. One camp theorizes that originally, tumblers were actually pointed on the bottom, thus preventing them from being set down, lest they “tumble”. Conversely, the opposing camp opines that the tumblers of yore were weighted on the bottom to prevent them from falling over. In any case, today’s tumbler is defined as any flat-bottomed beverage container, usually made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel.

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Best Stainless Steel Tumblers

When you want top of the line in quality, you get custom stainless steel tumblers. The popularity of stainless steel tumblers can be traced back to the stainless steel water bottle trend. Once everyone had their fashionable water bottles, the natural next steps were stainless steel tumblers, wine tumblers, espresso cups, and even refrigerators—okay, that last one may have already been a thing. But it’s easy to see why everyone’s crazy for stainless steel.

The best stainless steel tumblers are made durable and double walled for maximum insulation. This keeps drinks at their optimal temperature for longer, whether it’s iced coffee or hot tea. Check out which stainless steel tumblers have been the running fan favorites all year.

Grande 16 oz. Ree Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid

Great quality, affordable price, and a streamlined exterior make this design one of our best insulated tumblers. The Grande 16 oz. Ree Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid comes with tons of features your clients will appreciate, like the spill-resistant rubber gusset on the lid, and the non-slip bottom. You can go with the powder finish in a range of colors to match your branding, or opt to showcase your logo on the stainless steel. (Qualifies for free shipping promotion with $200 minimum.)

Grande 16 oz. Big Sur Travel Tumbler

If you’re looking for a stainless steel option that won’t break your budget, the Grande 16 oz. Big Sur Travel Tumbler are the best personalized tumblers for you. They’re stainless steel inside and out, have a large imprint space for your logo, and include a spill-resistant slide tab on the screw-top lid. Plus, these tumblers are available to customize in batches as small as 12. So for anyone who just wants a great gift for their team, this grande-sized travel tumbler is a great choice. (Qualifies for free shipping promotion with $200 minimum.)

Tip: You can also get this tumbler imprinted with your full color logo.

Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 20. oz

Some of us need a little more coffee and tea to get through the day. Okay, a lot more. That’s where a large tumbler comes in handy. The Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated 20 oz. Tumbler is the ideal vessel for the hyper hydrators in your crowd. It comes in a variety of matte satin finishes and boasts a copper wall vacuum-sealed insulation that keeps drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. The ability to maintain the perfect temp for sipping is what makes this the best coffee tumbler.

Grande 16 oz. Nina Tumbler

The one negative thing about tumblers? They don’t have carry handles. The Grande 16 oz. Nina Tumbler solves that problem with a rubber grip that rings around the cup and makes it easier to hold. The temperature cuff ensures that no matter how hot your drink is, your hands won’t get burned carrying this mug. It also features a spill-resistant lid with a slider to match the color of the grip. Though it doesn’t have a stainless steel interior with the enhanced benefits of vacuum-sealed insulation, the stainless steel exterior has a sleek look that will be more resistant to scratches. (Qualifies for free shipping promotion with $200 minimum.)

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Best Tumblers with Straws

Taking your protein shake on the go? A sip lid isn’t going to work. Some drinks call for a tumbler with a straw. That’s why active brands, smoothie shops, and gyms like to promote their logo on these custom tumblers with straws. They’re perfect for water, tea, shakes, smoothies, and all kinds of drinks. Here are the best tumblers with straws to get your business noticed on the go.

Grande 16 oz. Ace Double Wall Tumbler

The Grande 16 oz. Ace Double Wall Tumbler is one of our best tumblers because it feels like getting two gifts in one. This double-wall tumbler and reusable straw are always appreciated, especially due to their fun translucent design. It’s all made with BPA-free plastic, so customers can sip with peace of mind. (Qualifies for free shipping promotion with $200 minimum.)

Tip: You can also get this tumbler imprinted with your full color logo.

22 oz. Pool Pal Tumbler with Straw

Looking to make a bigger impact? Go with this 22 oz. Pool Pal Tumbler with Straw. It has room enough to please even the ventri drinkers in your crowd. A bigger cup allows for a bigger imprint. So not only are you maximizing drink enjoyment, you’re maximizing brand visibility on your custom drinkware. (Tumbler qualifies for free shipping promotion with $200 minimum.)

Econo Color Changing Tumbler 16 oz.

When you want to put customers in a good mood, offer these 16 oz. color-changing mood tumblers. They change colors when filled with cold drinks, whether it’s iced water or a smoothie. They come with a straw and in whichever color schemes best fit your brand.

Color Changing Tumbler 16 oz.

When empty, the Color Changing Tumbler – 16 oz is clear plastic covered with slightly colored circles. When filled with ice cold liquid your recipients will see the circles change to a rich hue. This 16 oz. color changing tumbler will hold a full can of your favorite beverage with room for ice.

Best Tritan Tumblers

A logo water bottle made of Tritan is a step ahead in form and function. Tritan’s BPA-free and shatter-proof. It won’t cloud up or retain beverage odors or colors, so your recipient and your branding look sharp through endless dishwasher cycles, rough rides, and accidental drops. Our favorites:

Grande 16 oz. Verano Tritan™ Tumbler

The Grande 16 oz. Verano Tritan™ Tumbler is double-walled and made from strength-tested Tritan™ material. The tumbler comes in your choice of fun translucent colors, and features your custom branding on the side.

Full Color Grande 16 oz. Verano Tritan™ Tumbler

For even more branding splash and the same trendy translucent style, opt for the Full Color Grande 16 oz. Verano Tritan™ Tumbler. Your logo, slogan, or other messaging can’t be missed in vivid full color thanks to our proprietary Britebrand™ production technique.

Best Tumblers for Eco-Friendly Brands

All reusable tumblers help to reduce the waste of single-use cups, but some take their planet-saving, impact-reducing measures a step further. If you want travel cups that your brand and customers can feel proud of, check out the best tumblers for eco-friendly brands.

Grande 16 oz. Eco-Friendly Reusable Coffee Cup

This 16 oz. eco-friendly coffee tumbler cup is made with 51% recycled wheat straw. By supplementing wheat straw for plastic, it has less impact on the Earth. Which is great, but since looks count too, it’s worth noting that the contemporary travel cup design with easy-sip lid and natural muted aesthetic is a favorite of consumers as well. (Qualifies for free shipping promotion with $200 minimum.)

Tip: You can also get this tumbler imprinted with your full color logo.

These are our top picks for the best tumblers or 2021, but cup beauty is in the eye of the cup holder. Find even more favorites in our vast selection of personalized tumblers!

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