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Improve Hotel Experience with Hospitality Gifts & Services

The hotel experience does not simply begin and end when guests check into their room. It starts when they start researching a hotel’s amenities, location, and availability. It continues until the final bill is delivered, and in some cases, even longer.
Hotel Guest Receiving Room Key from Front Desk
Hotel guests want to feel like they are taken care of in every way possible. Ever read the most favorable reviews? Many of the comments attribute a positive experience to the “extras” a hotel provides. Whether that means extra attention, extra consideration, or a few extra toiletries when the guest forgets theirs, it is not unheard of to expect hotels to go above and beyond with hospitality gifts and impeccable service to provide a five-star guest experience.

Start off on the right foot by making sure you are equipped with the right kind of toiletries, amenities, and guest add-ons that will make a stay more pleasant. When it comes to hospitality, it is your guest’s hotel experience that counts the most. Whatever it is that makes your hotel stand out, make sure you to capitalize on that as much as possible. This will result in not only happy guests, but loyal guests as well.

For example, if you are a boutique hotel, what you may lack in space can be made up for in customer service. If you’re a large, chain hotel, focus on leaving a personal touch and lasting impression for every guest who walks through the door. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with someone who is a world traveler or someone who is new to staying in hotels, you want every person to feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay.

Listen to your guests when they leave hotel experience feedback, good or bad. They will tell you where you have had missteps, but they will also let you know what parts of your hotel they enjoyed most.

Count on Your Concierge Service to Provide the Best Hotel Experience

A concierge helps guests navigate their way around the facilities of the hotel, but also the attractions of the city. A well-versed concierge will help guests secure restaurant reservations, get discounts on local activities, or serve up recommendations for things to do in the city.

It is important that your concierge reflects a hospitable demeanor. Nothing is worse than an unprepared or unfriendly service. If your hotel doesn’t have a dedicated concierge, train your front desk staff to engage in conversation with guests in a way that makes them feel cared for and special rather than another customer in a room. Offer thoughtful gestures like a bowl of customized candies for the taking upon check-in and check-out to have guests arrive and leave on a sweet note.Bed with Hotel Toiletries on Top of Robes

Stock Up on Hotel Toiletries

As travelers, there’s most likely been a time when you’ve forgotten your toothbrush, razor, or some other small, but significant necessity for your trip. Rather than making guests track down a local shop to stock up on these items, you can have them readily available for their convenience in the room or at the front desk. It also can serve as a subtle way to incorporate your branding on some hotel promotional items, while still leave a lasting (and helpful) impression.

It doesn’t hurt to invest in some wholesale hotel amenities to always have on hand, such as pens and notepads with your logo for taking notes in the room, or even a small stock of customized umbrellas – an item that can come in handy if an unexpected rainstorm hits an unprepared traveler.

Offer Free Snacks or Drinks

The mini-bar is often deemed a no-no for travelers who don’t want to spend a pretty penny for a candy bar. As such, a free bottle of water or small snack left for the guest’s enjoyment can make a big difference in their hotel experience.

Everyone likes a complimentary item, no matter how small it may be. Take this into consideration when you’re setting up the room for your guests. A notepad, keychain, or a tote bag can all serve as inexpensive hospitality gifts that will feel more welcoming. Make sure to customize these items to represent your brand, whether that is with a logo, slogan, or other memorable quote that will make you stand apart from your competition.

Showcase Your Hotel’s Location with Small Gestures

What’s special about your property, or is there something specific your destination is known for? Does your city make a local snack everyone loves? Is your city known for any seasonal treats? It’s nice to provide a small and homemade or handcrafted product to share with guests, if possible.

It’s also a good way to partner with local businesses to further integrate yourself as part of the community. For example, if you work with a bakery known regionally for their homemade scones, it’s a special touch to have a tray of their freshly baked pastries upon your guests’ arrival.

Even a bouquet of seasonal flowers special to your city says something about the destination and makes the lobby or guest room feel more inviting.

Hotel Conference Room Stocked for Meeting

Set Up Your Next Business Meeting with the Right Supplies

Business guests who hold conferences or meetings at your hotel usually require certain office supplies, such as pens, paper, and business card holders for networking, in addition to a variety of other essentials. Consider branding these items so they can serve two functions: convenience for guests and promotion for your hotel. Set up each seat with all the necessary supplies to ensure every guest leaves with your products in their hands.

Host an Events Night

Does your property have a hosted wine hour, special dinner, or social event per month? Events can range from a movie night to a food demonstration to an all-out themed party. Give your guests a night to remember with a fun DJ and signature cocktails. This also serves an opportune time to add a little bit of branding and offer hotel promotional items that work as party favors. Koozies or coasters can be small take-home souvenirs and act as a reminder of the fun they had at their stay in your hotel. In addition, put together a giveaway bag for a randomly-selected winner with gifts such as a wine bottle opener or coffee mug.

Leave Lasting Impressions with Hotel Promotional Products

Whenever the occasion calls for it, make sure you are putting your hospitality promotional products to work. Promotion through products is a reminder to your hotel guests just how special your property is. When you provide convenience, comfort, and make them feel like their presence is welcome and appreciated, guests will reflect these positive feelings in return.

Make it a priority for your team to test out what is working, and switch up your promotional strategy to reflect your guests’ responses. It’s all about the hotel experience before, during, and after a person has stepped foot on to your property.

Doctor’s Orders: Healthcare Management for Staff Satisfaction

Employee morale is crucial for any business and with the serious nature that often surrounds healthcare management, keeping a positive mindset is of great importance.

Happy Doctor Standing in Doctor’s Office

The vibe of your practice can be felt among both colleagues and patients, so you want to ensure you have a positive atmosphere as much as possible. In the fast-paced environment doctor’s offices have, it’s important to check the pulse (no pun intended) of your staff and address their needs as much as possible. There are several ways to do this and it’s never too early to get started. With a happy healthcare staff, better work will be done, thus improving patient satisfaction.

If one of your company goals for 2017 is to create a more welcoming, calming place for your staff and your patients, here is a list of things you can do to keep everyone in a happier mood with the right healthcare management.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

While employees value compensation for a job well done, you might be surprised to know recognition is equally valuable. When people on your healthcare staff go above and beyond their job duties, a sincere note or verbal thank you can make a big difference.

Your employees most likely know how busy everyone is with keeping up with new technology, customer service requests, billing challenges, and everything else that goes into making an office run smoothly. But there’s always time to give kudos.

If you have an employee celebrating a work anniversary, buy a card for everyone to sign, initiate a group lunch, or put together another small event to show how much their work and loyalty means to the office.

Implement a Wellness Program

It only makes sense to promote a healthy lifestyle at your place of work when your work is focused on keeping others illness- and injury-free. This can be accomplished in several ways. First, stock the office kitchen or breakroom with fresh fruits and vegetables, protein bars, and other healthy snacks to keep your staff nourished throughout the day.

If it works within your budget, offer a reimbursement for gym memberships, exercises classes, or other similar wellness events. But keep in mind, it’s not only about physical wellness. Mental wellness is equally important. Schedule a chair masseuse to come by the office monthly to help your healthcare staff ease tension that may have built up throughout the day while running around the office and tending to patients.

To understand your staff needs or wants, take an informal poll or send out a company survey and see what would be most appreciated and welcome as an added perk for their hard work.

Stethoscope on Table for a Medical Consultation

Schedule Team Building Activities

Sometimes it feels good to just get out of the office. If your team has been through a recent training or has been working longer hours than usual, set up a time to get out of the office and enjoy yourselves while not thinking about work. Taking a day off from healthcare may be difficult, so try to plan far in advance so no appointments are booked on that day.

Set up a city scavenger hunt, schedule a tasting menu at a new restaurant, or if your city has the accommodations, take them to a sports event. Decide your budget for the year and make sure to allocate the funds toward these initiatives to keep the morale high all year long.

Provide Stress Relievers

Keep a stock of small stress relievers to help your healthcare staff take a few minutes to themselves every few hours. Coloring books designed for adults have been growing in popularity for their calming nature and a mindless way to be creative without having to concentrate. This can also be great to give patients to take home or have available in the waiting room.

Get a diffuser for the office to use for aromatherapy using essential oils like lavender to calm or citrus to energize. Pink Himalayan salt lamps are also often found in medical offices for their therapeutic benefits as well. Too many scents at once will be overwhelming, but a carefully chosen one can help switch the mood for the better.

Host a Company Picnic

Ever go entire work days without stepping foot outside simply because there’s not enough time? Being in a doctor’s office can mean you have back-to-back appointments, making it difficult to take a breath of fresh air. Schedule time for your staff to enjoy their lunch break or a full afternoon outside with a potluck picnic. Have everyone bring a dish to share, and have the company host the drinks, cups, plates, and silverware. Grab a couple of lawn games and soak up the sunshine. A breath of fresh air is sure to help improve everyone’s mood.

If your office simply can’t shut down for that long during the week, extend the idea to the weekend and make it a family affair. Host it at a nearby park, lake, or area where there are picnic tables, grills, and plenty of parking to make it easy on everyone.

Team of Happy Healthcare Staff Outside

Lead by Example

No matter what your office role is, your good attitude is contagious to the rest of your co-workers. Ever notice how someone who’s having a bad day immediately can bring down the entire mood of a room? The same can be said for those who are having a good day. Radiate positivity and sincerity in all you do and see how fast it starts to catch on. This alone can turn an anxious patient into having a calmer mindset.

Talk Things Through

It’s part of a doctor’s job to review patient symptoms, and this can include things not said. The same can be applied to your healthcare staff. If members of your team are being unusually quiet, reserved, or anxious, schedule a private meeting to check in with them and see what might be weighing on their minds. Sometimes in order to avoid bad morale, it’s best to address a situation before it turns into an actual problem.

Offer the Best for Your Healthcare Staff

Work can be a stressful place at times, no matter what industry you’re in, so whatever you can do to project positivity will help.

Like any prescribed regimen, it may take some time for it to work, but the key is to be consistent. Make sure if you decide to implement some of these employee appreciation initiatives, that you don’t let them dwindle after a few months. The result: a happier staff, a happier office overall, and even improved patient satisfaction.

Building Your Brand – Turning Your Idea Into a Business

You’ve done it.  You’ve finally decided to launch your business.  Now to get your name out there so you can have customers.  You have all these skills, but running a successful business requires more than just knowing the service you provide, it requires getting your business brand out there.  ready. Set. Go.  Here’s what you need to start building your brand!


“Keep it simple stupid,” The saying our mom’s have been telling us our whole lives.  A name should be easy for your customers to remember, and even easier to spell.  Anything more and anything less and your customers will either never find you or not remember.


A lot of money has gone into studies about colors and shapes, but realistically, your logo should reflect your company. The best thing to do is think about all your favorite brands, gather up images of their logo and ask yourself what comes to mind when you look at their logo.  Do you think the person who created this logo wanted you to feel this way?  From there, write down what you like and try to incorporate it into your logo.  Once you have a prototype, think about investing in graphic design help from a professional.  Meet with them, tell them your vision and list out the qualities that inspired your prototype and w3atch them bring your logo to life.  Try to give them as much detail and direction as possible to keep cost down and money in your pocket.

Business Mantra

What solution are you providing? If you’re a lawyer, are you helping win cases?  Of course, you are just like all the other lawyers out there!  So what makes you different?  Is it your pay as you go pricing or your ability to communicate the law to the average Joe?  Think about the solution you provide, how you are going to deliver it and why they should choose you.  Write it down, and more importantly, make sure your business practices this every day, from you the business owner, to every employee who represents you.

Start Small, Build Big

If you are a lawyer, everyone you know and interact with should know you are a lawyer. Going to the grocery store and you strike up a conversation with someone, give them your card.  If you can’t sell your service to the people around you in your daily life, then throwing money at high dollar marketing plans will be risky.  If you say things like, “they won’t buy from me because they know me too well.”  Well then ask yourself, why they don’t trust you and work on yourself to build your brand and gain their trust.  Sometimes convincing the people that know you best will be your toughest test, but overcome those obstacles and you will set yourself up for success.

Do It yourself Marketing vs. Paid Marketing

There’s time to go cheap and there’s times to spend the dough. Knowing when to and when not to can be tough.  But like step 4, start small and test.  Exhaust all your free options and take the lessons learned from them to figure out a solution for paid marketing techniques.  Perhaps contract work out to test again new theories you are not experienced with.  When you find someone or something that works, invest smartly and capitalize.  Many programs these days offer simple, easy to use paid marketing techniques for business owners looking to develop this skill set.  Watch the videos, contact the company and soak up as much knowledge.  Facebook business offers simple solutions but find someone with success using their programs so you can know what you are getting into.

There’s probably a million more things to list and even more to do, but starting with some basics to help you develop a roadmap to success will keep your wallet full and your knowledge growing.  Good luck!

Selling for Business Owners Running a Business

You wanted to open up a mechanic shop, a photography business or restaurant.  You love working on cars.  You can find the beauty of how light should reflect off the subject you are photographing.  Your friends have been raving about your chef skills for years and you never have leftovers after a night in the kitchen because everyone eats it all like it’s their last meal.  Whatever your skills are, you have now accomplished the dream of opening up your own business.  Now to keep that dream alive, you realize, you have to sell that dream to investors for money, your coworkers to work hard and your customers because you need their consistent business.

In this article, you’ll get the basic fundamental tools you’ll need to learn, or at least get comfortable selling for business owners. 


More than just hello, the greet starts as soon as the customer sees you or your business. Clean appearance, dressed for the occasion and an organized look even before saying hi will get you started on the right foot.  Make eye contact, shake hands sternly, and say “pleasure to meet you!”  After pleasantries, the most important aspect is to ask an open ended question, meaning, ask a question that can’t be answered with a “yes or no” response.”  For instance, if you’re a photographer, and someone ask what are your rates, before answering, get the customer invested by asking some simple question such as, “what kind of pictures are you looking for me to take, who are you giving them to, and what inspires you to take these?”


When the customer answers your questions, don’t interrupt, but listen. Absorb as much as you can and find things to build on.  Find what the customer truly wants from her interaction and experience with you and find a way to deliver the desired results.


Think, think, think – it’s okay if you don’t have an answer right away, just make sure you are asking questions to drill down as deep as you can to find what your customer wants. Gather all the info, confirm you have everything correct and then think about how you can match your service to her expectations.


Now you have a few options to suggest and suggest away! It’s best to give customers a few options, at different price tiers so they can make the decision on how much to invest. Perhaps you baseline package offers what the customer wants, but a premier package solves a customer’s future issues making it easier for them in the long run.  Always suggest based off what they ask for and mention as valuable to them.  Never guess or assume what they need or don’t need as you are still trying to gauge a customer’s level of interest and readiness to buy.

Take Action

You’ve listened, you offered different packages and now you know what the customer is interested in. Time to take action.  This is the step most people are often afraid of.  They don’t want to come off as pushy and aggressive, but at the same time, you know you’ve offered a great deal and the customer just needs some reassurance.  To go along in our mock example, a suggestion could be during the negotiation process, to start snapping a few fun photos of the person on the spot. Show, sample and give them the fun, light hearted feeling of working with you.  Show the pictures to them share some more ideas and ask “what day do you want to take pictures?” or “a deposit today will lock in your date, do you want to use cash, check or card?”


The customer still isn’t ready. That’s okay!  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If it still doesn’t work, list out the entire customer’s request again, and explain how each request is solved by your product and service.  Suggest they look up your reviews.  Offer them a low cost incentive for purchasing today or within a 24 hour period.  Tell them to talk it over with their spouse but make sure they have all the info in a clean offer letter with an incentive to purchase sooner rather than later.


Great news, they purchased. Your work isn’t done yet.  After fulfilling your customers request and making sure they are satisfied comes round 2. Ask them if they know anybody who could use your service.   Perhaps even offer a discount or finder’s fee.  Ask to be tagged in their photos on social media.  And last but not least, ask them for a review of your services on your website or social media accounts.  Always ask for a referral.

5 Sport Promotional Items to Give at Sporting Events

Sporting events are a great place to gain exposure for your brand. There you will find a diverse group of people in a relaxed environment, coming together for a common goal.  An easy way to connect with them is to offer promotional items they can use at the game displaying your logo to go along with the positive feelings of the game itself.

Here are 5 winning sport promotional items to distribute at sporting events:

Can coolers

Start simple. Most people in the lead up to the big game, from pro to college football, often enjoy more of the pregame festivities than the game itself.   Walking around in the tailgate section of a big game handing out can coolers for all the thirsty potential clients to keep their beverages nice and cool while keeping their hands dry.

Bottle openers

Those same thirty tailgaters will love bottle openers they can use that same day and to keep for future use. Bottle openers are great for targeting men and a high-quality bottle opener can go a long way for very little investment.

See Through Bags

We live in an ever-changing world of new security restrictions intended to keep us safer at large gatherings. The NFL in recent years has led a charge to only allow see through game day bags in for fans.  Being as these bags are not yet too popular, tis is a good idea to hand out these types of bags wth your logo on it as many people will need these at the stadiums.

Rally Towels

Down by 6 with 2 minutes to go. Bottom of the 9th inning, bases loaded and two outs.  Whatever the game is, rally towels do a great job of generating a positive reaction.  Seeing multiple people in the stands with rally towels, will get the people without a rally towel asking “where can I get one?”  And even better, rally towels are sport promotional items that often find their way into homes because people generally don’t throw towels away for no reason, instead they will try to find a reason to use your rally towel.


I’m assuming if you’re reading this you already know the great benefits of the Pen. But did you ever notice that there are millions of different kind of pens, all doing the same thing, writing and promoting your business.  So make sure you get a good deal, with high quality ink and trustworthy service!

4 Easy Ways on how to have a Successful Happy Hour with Clients

We’ve all been there, trying to open a new account, someone you’ve been prospecting for ages but just can’t seem to find the solution to closing the deal.  You call, email, mail and sometimes you even fly across the country but can’t get it done!  Sales are slow and you know if you can just get this one client, all the hard work will have been worth it.  Well, a good sales person knows that if you can’t get in the front – back – side door, well then, change the venue.

In this blog, you’ll find the basics on how to have a successful happy hour to set the setting on closing the deal.

1 – How to ask – It’s simple. Just ask.

For some, asking a client out can be scary, and for others it the perk of the job.  I often go with the basic “Hi XXXXX, I’ll be in town on this date, what’s a good bar or restaurant we can meet for happy hour?  I’m buying!” It’s simple, straight to the point, provides a small sense of urgency with open ended response, plus the client knows he won’t be spending much money to go to his/her favorite watering hole or place they have been wanting to try.

2 – People

Sometimes talking one on one can lead to some downtime or awkward moments as you try to get the client to relax and open up. So ask him if there is a co-worker or manager who might want to come with. The client will fill more comfortable and now you have someone else who you can try to convince in case you get stonewalled by your client.  And perhaps you may even find out better perspective of who the client reports to, what he struggles with in the office or what his manager looks for.  Tip: if they do invite someone, think about inviting one of you coworkers so you’re not out numbered and so if you stumble, you’ll have help to overcome obstacles.  But make sure they add value to the conversation and mood.

3 – Place

As mentioned earlier, try to let the customer decide. If you take them to a place they have wanted to try, it will evoke a positive experience.  Just make sure, it’s a place where you guys can talk so not too loud music, comfortable seats and a not too complex menu for picky eaters.  And have a backup place just in case you can’t get a seat or the place just doesn’t turn out to what you expect.

4 – Perception

Nobody like a Debbie downer. Stay positive, upbeat and remember just because you’re not in office, you’re still working and representing your company and/or business.  Keep the conversations light, ask more about them and listen to what they are saying, or even not saying sometimes.

5 Referral Marketing Ideas | Best Way to Get Referrals

Proactively generating sales is made that much easier when you know how to drive referral traffic to your front door.

Here’s the simple message: referrals are important. This notion has been a cornerstone philosophy in the sales world for decades. So why does asking for and getting referrals seem difficult? Does it feel intrusive? Too time-consuming? Are you out of referral marketing ideas?

The referral is one key foundational element to any good sales strategy, and learning how to get referrals is incredibly important. Start with these five referral marketing ideas to get you started if you’re feeling stuck:

1. Ensure Your Client Knows the “Real You”Personal

Many clients won’t refer you to others because they aren’t 100% sure about you, your business, what you offer, and what you don’t. You’ll want to connect with these clients and provide them with some insights into your brand and business. They should leave thinking “I have the perfect client for these guys…”

One way to keep your business at the forefront with clients is to leave behind customized promotional products that are useful, exchange hands easily, and will remind those in your industry of the importance of creating a mutually beneficial relationship with your organization.

2. Create a Referral Program

refer a friendTake the guesswork out of the process by structuring a referral program that will entice your clients to drive traffic toward your business. A referral program can also help minimize most of the jitters salespeople feel when asking for referrals, as a company-sponsored program tends to legitimize the idea of asking for referrals in the first place.

3. Create a Client-Partnership

handshakeWhen you begin treating referring clients as partners, you’ll likely receive an increased boost in referrals. These clients should feel like strategic partners working alongside your business to foster mutually beneficial results and shared success. Once they see that their business can improve when they refer to you, they’ll want to maintain close ties to your organization.

4. Be a Content Source in the IndustryContent Source

The best way to get referrals isn’t by merely asking and trying to be a good partner. You’ll also want to create information and shareable resources that can increase awareness of your brand.

Invite others to a seminar or webinar that addresses current industry topics. Then, show how your business can be a good strategic partner for these invited guests.

Make sure to include links or buttons on your social pages that encourage clients to visit pages like Yelp or Google to learn more about your brand. Who knows, you might even boost the number of positive reviews on these sites by doing so!

5. Ask for Referrals

Ask for referralSimply asking for referrals seems so obvious – yet a failure to do so is one of the biggest hindrances to building a successful referral program. Your sales or marketing team will have to position your company in a way where referrals are beneficial, either for them or the person they refer. Just ask and you’ll often receive – as long as you’ve created a value proposition that makes sense for the client.

Referrals represent one of the best ways to generate leads and land new business, yet so many today struggle to create consistent practices that can drive sales growth. Follow the referral marketing ideas above on how to increase referrals, and see just how easy it is to solicit new business when you’re on the receiving end of a quality referral.

Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience for Success [eBook]

eBook: How to Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience

Trade shows are a wonderful way to gain exposure to prospective customers or clients at an industry focused event. Those exhibiting and attending are usually intensive around one subject or industry such as technology, home improvement, and medical. Planning for a tradeshow can be an exciting process, but can also be quite daunting without guidance.

Whether you are a tradeshow newbie, you’ve gone to a tradeshow and wish it had gone better, or maybe it went great, and you just want to make it even greater, this free ebook download is for you!

Included eBook Features for Your Tradeshow Experience

This tradeshow experience eBook is a one-year planning guide of how to be a successful exhibitor at a trade show. Having a guide like this will ensure that every deadline is met, your staff is prepared, and that you are completely ready for the big day. From travel accommodations to ordering your promotional items for the perfect tradeshow table, this guide lays out all of the steps you need to take in a timeline format so all you have to worry about is doing your best.

View eBook: How to Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience

3 Ways to Boost Small Business Saturday in Your Favor

lpg paragon penLike the quote says, “Build your own dream or someone else will hire you to build their’s.”

It’s not easy to break out of the mold, quit the typical 9-5 desk job, and start your own business. As many risks and fears, there are associated with starting your own business, there are far more gratification and satisfaction.

In general, people want to support small businesses. But when it comes down to price, small businesses, as you well know, have a hard time competing with your industries big players.

Fortunately, Small Business Saturday has gained a lot of growth, recognition, and participation over the past few years. This year you need to take advantage of everything this specially designated day has to offer your small business.

FIRST – Social Media

Use Social Media to get involved in small business groups and list in directories to boost small business presence. Use social media to advertise your Small Business Saturday offerings. Maybe host a coffee or wine event at your store on Saturday morning or evening, or maybe it is an early morning discount.

SECOND – Stage

Make your store holiday fabulous. From Christmas music to decorations, that time between Thanksgiving and the December holidays is short – it is important to join in the festivities.  Embrace the spirit of holidays to invite customers into your establishment and engage with the atmosphere.

THIRD – Incentives for Repeat Customers

Have a special for return customers. Maybe offer 50% off one item next time they visit the store, or even if it’s 10% off their entire purchase, having this added special is bound to have customers return. Feeling creative? Put your special for repeat customers on a business promotional item. Have the Deal or Special printed on our Paragon Pen or other best-selling products!

Small Business Saturday Tips

Small Business Saturday is almost here! This Saturday, November 24, marks the 3rd annual day that this event will be held.  As small business owners, planning and developing ways to effectively enhance your business image is a vital process in attracting and procuring customers during this day.

Inform the Customer, Raise Awareness:

Letting people know that Small Business Saturday is on November 24, or this Saturday is crucial.  Many people are aware of national events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but being that Small Business Saturday is only in its third year, they still might be unaware.  When customers come into your store during this week, let them know that the event is going to be going on this Saturday and find ways to raise awareness.

Create Something Tangible:

Whether an advertisement, fliers, a storefront sign, or a creative display, let people know what Small Business Saturday is all about. Tangible items and/or products better inform the community and provide them with added information needed in decision-making processes.

Provide a Takeaway:

During this week leading up to the event and also on the day of, provide your customers with something that will allow them to remember YOU. Takeaways allow customers to ingrain your business into the back of their minds and remember what you have to offer them.

Build Relationships:

Lasting relationships will not only benefit business success but will also highlight your business proficiency and effectiveness for meeting needs. Make the customer and community feel as though it is family.

So let us “shop small” and show support within our community by helping those who give so much to us!