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Reach Customers with Tax-Themed Promotional Items

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The start of the New Year always brings exciting things. Whether it’s a new set of goals and aspirations or the gradual shift to warmer weather, most people appear to begin the year refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to conquer the world with high spirits and a fresh mindset. However, there’s one thought that begins to linger in the back of everyone’s mind as soon as the holiday cheer wears off the start of the ever-dreaded tax season.

Although taxpayers are given from the start of the year up until April 15 to complete this task, efforts to get all files and documents for tax returns in order can be time-consuming and incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately, it’s predicted that the 2015 tax season will be even more wearisome for taxpayers.

Luckily in this day and age, plenty of resources can be found online to answer questions that taxpayers may run into while filing taxes. Software programs and services from a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or tax preparer can also be highly beneficial to properly file taxes.

If you’re a CPA or tax preparer looking to bring awareness to taxpayers about your expertise, as well as advertise your services over the next couple of months, check out National Pen’s collection of tax-themed promotional items!

The Evolution of Tax Preparation Methods

1040 formFrom the mighty pen to the decisive keystroke – doing your taxes has changed somewhat over the years

For most of us, preparing our income taxes generates a mixed bag of emotions. For starters, recent surveys have shown that over two-thirds of American adults feel that they do not adequately understand the tax code and don’t feel comfortable filing their own taxes. This demonstrates that there is a definite need today for professional tax preparation and accounting services. Whether you owe money or are anticipating a refund, filing income taxes and completing the necessary tax preparation forms is a must-do. But how has the actual process of tax preparation changed over the years? Read on to find out!

The computer has emerged as the best way to complete and file income taxes

Up until a decade or so, the majority of Americans who completed a tax return on their own used a pen and a tax return form obtained from the local post office, library, or tax office. Tax code publications were available that allowed self-filers to study the tax code, look up their specific tax liabilities, and complete the required forms by April 15th. The problem with filing a return yourself, and bypassing the available computer programs today, is in the higher rate of mathematical errors and the ease at which tax code changes may be overlooked. One of the biggest changes seen over the past ten years is the proliferation of electronic filing.

In 2004, the IRS reported that 63% of tax filers used an electronic means of data transmission – versus filing a paper tax return form via US mail. In 2010 the percentage increased to 70% (or nearly 100 million taxpayers), and in 2013 nearly 90% of Americans paid someone to complete their tax returns – often electronically filed. The proliferation of highly accurate and easy to use tax software, as well as the knowledgeable counsel that is available from tax professionals, has led to little reliance on the traditional pen and ink tax return form.

Interestingly, surveys have indicated that the majority of Americans would rather cut their own hair than complete their own personal or business tax returns. And, the IRS reported in 2012 that the average amount of time an individual spent on completing his or her income tax forms was twenty-two hours – thirty-two if a schedule C or E was involved. Taking into account the relatively low cost of tax preparation, it hardly seems beneficial for one to file his or her own taxes these days.

Modern tax return software and tax form preparation techniques make it simple to accurately and quickly complete all of the necessary tax forms for you or your business. No longer should you drive across town to pick up the requisite forms, complete the mathematical calculations yourself, and get that all-important tax return in the mail by April 15th.

Most individuals and businesses these days could benefit greatly from the sage advice of a certified tax preparation specialist. The US tax code has seen more than 5,000 changes since 2001, and it now tips the scales at more than 4 million words. To put that in perspective, you’d have to read the entire Harry Potter book series four times to match the length of the US tax code. Qualified tax preparers will ensure you receive all of the qualified deductions and tax breaks that you are entitled to – all to help you maximize your refund and minimize your tax liability.

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Tax Professionals – Retain Current Clients and Attract New Customers With Promotional Gifts

Tax DesignsPromotional gifts help you to differentiate your tax preparation or accounting firm during this critical time of year

As a tax professional, you’ve certainly got your hands full this time of year. W-2s have been sent out by employers, 1099s have made their way into the hands of your clients, and your business relationships are conducting year-end reviews to analyze their overall financial performance for the calendar year. With the April 15th tax deadline looming, your workload is surely getting pretty intense at the office these days. So the last thing you’ll want to bother yourself with right now is trying to attract new business and retaining existing client relationships. Let National Pen support your marketing efforts and retention plan this tax season with our assortment of high-quality, tax promotional items.

Free promotional gifts during a tax session can help keep a current client happy and with branded gifts can help bring in new business.

Your clients can sign documents using your branded logo pens, and you can provide them with customized notepads on which to jot their questions, concerns, or ideas. During a tax session you’ll be acutely focused on discovering a customer’s needs, wants, and desires – so let your promotional gifts do the marketing for you!

Custom pens that can be imprinted with your company name, logo or address are available today – for as little as 19-cents each!

Think of the marketing power that a 19-cent pen can deliver for your business. The constant reminder of the top tier service level you provide to your client base is worth ten times (a hundred times?) the actual cost of the pen. And, your logo or business information will undoubtedly get shared amongst anyone who decides to use one of your custom pens.

It is no secret that happy customers are more willing to refer your company to their friends and family who may have tax or accounting needs. In today’s age of automated tax returns and online preparation software, having a competitive edge is crucially important. Your service, the experience you provide for your clients, and the value proposition of having you – a professional, prepare and file tax information is the deciding factor. Promotional gifts can help steer potential clients toward your services and these same gifts will increase the retention figures among your existing client base.

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