Email Marketing for Local Businesses

Email marketing is such a simple and easy way for all businesses to promote their products or services. After seeing Mary Bowling.s article on .Why Local Businesses Need Email Marketing,. I would like to summarize her points for our audience here.

High ROI
You would send your email promotions out to people who are interested or more inclined to purchase your products or services. This is a targeted group, not everyone so the return is going to be much higher.

Emailing your customers cost virtually nothing! All you need is an email account and there are many free email providers out there if you don.t have one with your company already. If you would like to get fancy and use pre-made templates or customize your emails, you can opt for a simple email provider.

You can create your own emails! You know the business, you will be able to deliver a clear appealing message to your customers. Keep it simple and to the point. No need to flood the email with paragraphs of text.

Stay Connected
People gave you their email addresses because they are interested in hearing from you. Make sure you confirm with each person that they do indeed would like to receive your special offers and promotions before sending out your promos.

Keep in Touch
Your products and services may not be needed on a constant basis. Use email marketing to remind your customers of your service and offerings so that when they do need you, they remember to come back to you.

Be Focused
Make sure the message you send out to your customers delivers a clear and focused message. Do not give too much info and do not leave out any info. Keep it concise and to the point so people will read your emails.

Targeted Messages
If you know your customers well, you can target specific messages towards one set of customers and a different message to another group of customers. Perhaps one group of people enjoyed your dark chocolate chip cookies and the other group favored the white chocolate chip cookies. You may want to give them special pricing on the cookie they like or even introduce the dark chocolate group to the white chocolate chip cookies and vice versa.

Most email programs are sophisticated enough to have a search function. Keep this in mind so that when customers want to search for that specific coupon using certain words they can. Make it easy for customers to refer back to that specific email or forward to a friend.

Mobile Phones
A large amount of people view their emails from their cell phones these days. Take advantage of this to offer specials they can take advantage of immediately. The example in the article includes offering a discount good for one day only, giving up to date information about new books or movies being released.

Quickly Reaches Audience
Emails can reach your audience in seconds! Use emails to bring in new sales or to boost down sales. You have your customer.s attention in your immediate reach.

By following these simple tips, you can get your own email marketing program started! I can tell you that these tips work because as a consumer myself, before I go out to buy something or to eat at a restaurant, I always go check my email for any specials being offered. If a restaurant is offering a coupon or special, I am more inclined to eat at their restaurant.