Let Us Better Serve You!

This week is National Customer Service Week, and we at National Pen are always looking for ways to better extend excellent customer service to those who do business with us. Customer Service is highly important to our company because ensuring that our products fulfill your needs and wants is our top priority.

In any business, it is the company’s duty and responsibility to ensure satisfaction on all fronts. The customer is the main determinant of business prosperity and without the customer, there can be no business. Below are service highlights that have shaped National Pen Co. and our mission towards generating excellent customer service:

  • 100% Confidence and Full Year Guarantee: https://www.pens.com/guarantee-national-pen
  • Tried and True since 1966-over 46 years of business!
  • Consistently we rank in the Top 40 of promotional products
  • We are Top 5 in direct mailers of promotional products worldwide

Customer Care Center with many outlets for support: https://www.pens.com/customer-service-national-pen

These highlights have built the foundation for extending excellent customer service to all. We take great pride in serving our customers and would like to hear from you as well to improve. How can we better serve you? What can we do to make our business more efficient? What changes would you like to see us make? During this week we want to hear from you, the customer, on ways we can better provide our services! You can contact us via our Customer Care center (https://www.pens.com/customer-service-national-pen) or find us on Facebook and Twitter to contact us as well. Have a great weekend!