Marketing in a Bad Economy

People are spending less and less these days, but that doesn.t mean they aren.t spending. Small businesses and big businesses both need to be aware of this and figure out 1) how do we make people spend money and 2) how do we make people spend their money on our products and our services?

Think about what makes your business unique and better than the competition. Why should people buy from you? What are people looking for? How can you present your products and services in a way that is desirable to people?

While people are still buying, they are shopping around a lot more to see which business offers the lowest price and best products or services. They also want their shopping experience to be smooth and quick. Efficiency is important.

The other day I was helping a friend look for bulk blank Gildan Heavyweight Cotton t-shirts at the cheapest price with quick delivery. We wanted specific colors and specific sizes including youth sizes. Price was the most important along with delivery. We visited over 10 websites and wrote down prices, shipping prices, and shipping times. Once we found something we liked, we used that as the baseline. Is this next website cheaper? If it.s not, then we move on. We were looking for a good deal and we found it. We ended up with great prices and delivery was only 2 days!

Your customers will probably be looking for the same thing. Can you offer them a discount? People want a bargain. People also like free things, can you offer a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) special? How about throwing in a free gift? Free shipping is also huge these days! Think about what you can offer and present it in an appealing way. Think like the customer not like the business owner.

Image courtesy of epicharmus