Maximize Your Logo’s Effectiveness

Where do you put your logo? While consistency is important, it needs to be balanced with where the logo is placed. Many items work more efficiently with a logo in one place for one situation and in other situations, they work better with the logo in another location.

For example, if you order a folding chair with a carrying bag, there are three possible places to place your logo depending on where you plan to use the folding chair:

. Trade Shows: If you order the chairs for set up at a trade show and know people will look at the front of the chair, placing the logo on the front makes the most sense.

. Every Day Use: If you are giving chairs away to be used at the beach or sporting events, the logo on the back would provide you with the best exposure, as a person sitting in the chair will block any logos on the front.

. Traveling: If you plan to pass the chairs out at a trade show or are planning to give them to frequent travelers, placing your logo on the traveling case would be the best advertising space.

Keep this in mind when creating company ads and you will soon notice that focusing on the location of your logo always benefits your brand.

What was the smartest place you ever saw someone put a logo?

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