New Desk Personality Quiz – What Does Your Desk Say About You?

Take a look at your desk right now. What does it have on it? A keyboard, monitor, computer mouse? Does it have your leftover lunch? A pile of papers? Do you think what remains on your desk is reflective of your work personality?

National Pen has released a new quiz, What Does Your Desk Say About You? The quiz groups different desk personalities including the “multitasker” and the “master organizer.”

The Link Between Desks and Personalities

Everyone has a different approach for how they decorate, organize, and like their desk to look. For some, a clean, well-organized desk means it’s easier to navigate the day-to-day, while others have an in-depth understanding of the many piles that fill their desk and what belongs in each one.

According to, your desk speaks for itself even when you’re not around. When someone walks past your desk, they may immediately have a first impression about your personality, even if they’ve never met you. For example, several stacks of papers may give the presumption of a disorderly personality to an outside perspective, when in reality, it may reflect a personalized system of a truly organized person.

In some cases, a desk aesthetic may totally differ for how someone decorates or organizes at home. That may be especially true for those who work in fast-paced work environments. In the office, the desk may be full of papers, files, water bottles, and other random office supplies to match the chaos of the space. But at home, the opposite may be true, since people usually consider their home a safe haven that is meant to be serene and relaxing.

Then again, who knows how accurate your desk can reflect your true personality? A psychologist reviewed the desks of several Business Insider employees and many revealed her assertions weren’t necessarily true. One employee said the conclusion seemed to be pretty accurate in understanding her organizational workflow. However, another desk that was summed up as: “Cluttered, chaotic, colorful: this is a desk of an extrovert” really belongs to a self-proclaimed introvert who simply didn’t have a place to put her phone or books.

How do you think your coworkers would describe you based on your desk? Now you can get a better idea by taking our What Your Desk Says About You quiz and see if your results match up correctly. The fun part is finding out and guessing which personality matches which coworker. Which desk personality type are you?