Optimize Your Website for Success

In this economy, people are taking a lot longer to buy, doing research, and looking for the best deal. I came across an article from ClickZ on .Optimizing Your E-Commerce Site: Three Levers for Success. and feel that it provides a great sum up of how you can improve your website to hopefully grab that next sale or lead. Here.s a quick rundown:

Understand your core demographically, geographically, and behaviorally.
Do you have consistent messaging across the site?
Are you targeting your core customers in the way most appealing to them?

Utilize the 4Ps: Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion
Is your product presented in an appealing and information way?
Do you offer anything special with the product . guarantees, upsells, cross-sells?

Can you sell in bulk or groups?
Is the pricing consistent across all channels?
Can you offer special pricing?

Where do customers land?
What will drive them to make that last purchasing step?

Offer shipping promotions.
Coupons for future orders.

Focus on: benefits, call to action, media/format, response channels, and branding
Test images/photographs and copy.
Button language/placement.
Use of colors . easy to read.

Even if you.ve considered all of the above in optimizing focused on your audience, offer, and creative, a very important piece of the puzzle is measuring your results. Look at visitors, sales, and costs. Have any of these increased, decreased, or stayed the same since your tests or optimizations? How about compared to last year? Test and measure, test and measure, and continue to make adjustments to find the sweet spot.

Bottom Line: It.s a tough economy, fewer people are buying, but people are still buying, encourage them to buy from you.