Sale Ideas for Small Business Saturday

Looking for Small Business Saturday ideas? You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in small business and are full of Small Business Saturday promotion ideas to improve your spirits and your revenue during the holiday season. It’s small businesses like yours that make the world go ‘round, and Small Business Saturday puts the spotlight squarely on you—and the other 31.7 million small businesses like you, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Here’s everything you need to know about how to celebrate Small Business Saturday for a revenue-generating, customer-capturing, holiday-inspired, heartwarming holiday shopping event. 

What Is Small Business Saturday? 

Small Business Saturday is an American shopping event that occurs the last Saturday in November, also known as the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s designed to help small businesses and their customers draw holiday shoppers through decorations, discounts, retail block parties and other holiday-themed happenings.  

What Are the Benefits of Small Business Saturday?    

Promotion ideas for Small Business Saturday should focus on reaping the unique benefits of this shopping holiday. In almost every town, Small Business Saturday serves two important roles in the community.  

First, it allows residents to support local shops within their neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. From retail to restaurants,  salons to car service, the day is focused on our neighbors who are small business entrepreneurs and count on us to make their holidays successful. And around the holidays, steeped as they are in long-held traditions, cherished family and friends, and memories new and old, shoppers feel an allegiance to smaller businesses that are part of their community.  

Second, the day allows small businesses to pool together and draw crowds they wouldn’t normally see. Around the holidays, lights are strung, chestnuts (whether proverbial or real) are roasting, and residents are gravitating toward neighborhood activities.  

Small Business Saturday lets local entrepreneurs leverage this good cheer and community vibe to sell merchandise and services on the day, plus gift cards and coupons for future use. Folks who may have walked past your shop throughout the year may wander right in on Small Business Saturday, enticed by holiday scents and twinkling lights, maybe seeking a free treat for the kids or a giveaway for the grown-ups. With the holiday cheer coursing through the block, the chances of a sales transaction occurring are far greater than usual, putting you and your small business smack dab in the middle of holiday spirit and holiday success. Our Small Business Saturday ideas will help you see benefits big and small on this shopping holiday intended just for you.      

Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas      

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar, a brick-and-click, or a pure-play online business, Small Business Saturday is your chance to get the attention your business deserves. Apply any and all of these Small Business Saturday ideas to be sure you’re front and center when the shopping begins.   

  • Sing It from the Rooftops: Make sure your Small Business Saturday promotion ideas include plenty of physical signage and online banners. This can be sidewalk signs, POS signs and flyers, and inexpensive giveaways that promote your participation before the date. Include messaging around the unique appeal of a small business, like how long you’ve been in business, how long you’ve been in your town or city, and whether you’re family-owned. Add a banner to your website and a special announcement on your social media platforms. Repeat yourself, too, because your customers are being deluged with holiday shopping-related deals (including Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and we want your day to stand out.   
  • Small Businesses Thinking Big: Team up with adjacent businesses and offer street entertainment or food trucks to encourage shoppers to make it an all-day affair for adults and kids. When the stress is low and the fun factor is high, your customers are more likely to be in the mood to spring for holiday gifts or gift certificates at your store. 
  • Stragglers Welcome: Extend your hours to accommodate those customers who are making a night of it.  
  • Come Back for More: Give your customers a coupon or token for a discount or gift if they return to make another purchase before the end of the year. Some customers will come back before the deadline, and others will keep your branded coupon or token visible for weeks, ensuring your name stays top of mind well into the new year. 
  • Add a Cause to Your Christmas: Designate a charity that’s important to your local neighborhood to which your business will donate a portion of proceeds from each sale. This could be an animal shelter, center supporting the homeless, youth sports leagues, or a more personal cause, like helping the family down the road that’s in financial trouble.  

Small Business Saturday Ideas Should Include Gifts from You to Them 

Whether it’s a gift with purchase on Small Business Saturday, or a small giveaway prior as an incentive to visit your shop when the sales event is on, a customized promotional product is a great way to keep your small business top of mind throughout the holidays, and beyond. If you’re supporting a charity during the holidays, your customers can feel good about making a donation and getting a holiday prize. We like these: 

Paragon Pen – Holiday Designs: This winning pen is sure to spread cheer and deliver marketing impressions for your small business. 

Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Rose Gold Trim: This stylus pens’ as shimmery, elegant, and memorable as the holidays themselves! 

Buttermints in Holiday Wrapper: Everyone loves a buttermint, and these are individually packaged to enjoy before, during, or after your holiday sales event.  

Mood Smiley Face Stress Ball: Shopping can be tough, especially if it’s not your forté. Show weary or reluctant customers you get it by having stress balls at the ready.  

CoCo Planter Kit: A gift with purchase that will keep your gift on the windowsill and your small business in mind. 

Color Therapy® Adult Coloring Book – 24 Pages: These books are for adults, because everyone needs down time during the most active time of year. 

Color Me Cotton Tote Bag: What better way to carry their purchases from your store? 

Full Color Eco-Friendly Wheat Noa Pen: A feel-good, eco-friendly gift for your customers.  

Full Color 11 oz. Gia Stainless Steel Wine Glass with Lid: Did someone say eggnog? Hot toddy? Mulled cider? This travel-friendly wine tumbler will enable your customers to stroll around in style while enjoying their favorite holiday beverage. 

In the Mood for Even More? 

Check out these additional articles for more marketing and sale ideas for small businesses, during the holiday season and beyond.  

This Small Business Saturday, we wish you kind customers, new friends, and revenue that’s higher than Santa’s sleigh. Cheers! 

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From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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