Spend $1 and make $57

Want to kick start your Fall marketing campaigns? Try a simple, email campaign to your customers and you can take advantage of the 57:1 return on investment email marketing provides (Direct Marketing Association, 2005).

An email campaign doesn’t have to be fancy to be successful. Start by emailing each of your customers with a special offer. A weekend sale can help drive traffic into your store. Offer a special off-peak rate for customers who book your services during your less busy time. Whatever the promotion, the most important thing doesn’t wait for the perfect time to send the email. Launch your campaign today and you can start taking advantage this great ROI.

Quick Tips for a Successful Email Campaign

    • Text – Choose a web standard font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana to ensure everyone can read your email.
  • Images – Email Service Providers like Hotmail and Gmail are blocking users from seeing images in the email (part of an effort to control SPAM). Make sure your customers don’t miss the gist of your message by putting your main offer in the text of the email.
  • Size – Sending too large of an email can keep your email from ever getting to your customer. Make sure the total size of your email is under 500 kb.

Photo courtesy of LuMaxArt