Spend A Little, Make A Lot

We all know the adage, .you gotta spend money to make money. So why do companies pretend they don.t need to advertise to get customers?

Margie Christman is the owner, designer, and creator of a purse company called “Texas Bag Lady.” She serves as a great example as to why advertising a little can help your company a lot. When Margie started out, she promoted her business by including a pen displaying her company name with each purchase.  Her husband discouraged her from ordering the pens, saying she couldn’t afford to spend money when she was just starting out.

Within no time, a customer called, proving the husband wrong. The woman told Margie that people kept asking where she got her purse. Though the customer forgot the phone number, she had it on the pen and shared it with everyone she spoke to.

That purse paired with an inexpensive advertising item, helped Margie sell eight more purses.

What could you do with a small increase in your marketing budget? It just might mean the difference between growing slowly or quickly!

Photo Courtesy of Texas Bag Lady