The Power of Coupons – Distributing :: Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our coupons series. already discussed offers you may provide and how to print them. Now you.ll need to distribute them. So how do you do that without spending an arm and a leg?

. In person. Place coupons in store or in shopping bags. The problem with this is, with the exception of referral coupons, it can.t help you get new customers.

. Mailing List. You can always mail or email existing customers with coupons. Again though, this will not get you new customers unless you send a referral coupon.

. Door to door. This may be time consuming, but canvassing is mighty effective. Leaving coupons on car windshields, house door steps, etc. is an easy way to bring your message to the masses.

. Mailing Lists. This covers both mailing and email lists. While it costs money, the advantage is that targeted direct mailings are some of the most effective ways to distribute coupons.

. CO-OP Mailings. You know those envelopes you get stuffed with coupons from different businesses? That.s what they did. You share the costs of mailing with other businesses in the group. Get in touch with these groups for a low-cost way to distribute your offer and share the expenses.

. Newspaper. This one also costs money, but you can reach a lot of people. It is a great way to target people in a specific geographical area.

Now you know how to use coupons to boost your get to it!

If you have any tips or questions about coupons, please post them in the comments section.